Saturday, December 05, 2009

SPMA Short Course Meters Regionals is hemorrhaging World Records!

I think I am the only person that hasn't gotten one. so far the WR count for this SPMA Regional meet is over 25 43 WRs and we still have another day! Frankly, it could be more, I stopped listening at 25 and just watched the races.

I saw Coach Matt swim a low :48 which is probably a second or two slower than Phelps! Erik Hockstein swam a :49 in the same heat. Mark Savage called the race best: "There goes the Jacuzzi in lane-4! - And look at Erik's kick, it's terrifying!"

Epic call, I couldn't describe it better!

Though the pool is indoors, they don't turn on the heaters and it was cold. In my last race today, I wanted to set a personal best and Mark Savage gave me a good warm-up to do. He said, "go swim a 200-free right before you swim, then do 7-to-8 10-yard sprints to program your brain for a fast turnover."

I did so and got to the blocks 1-minute before the race. My skin felt cold but my body felt warm. My heart was beating at about 120-bpm, the usual speed before a race due to nerves, but I felt no nervousness this time whatsoever. Since my "fight or flight" was suppressed or turned off from his warm-up, the only thoughts in my mind were to simply to tear into the water.

My start was excellent, I heard my splash first and then the "sploosh" of the others behind me. I grabbed at the water with all my might ensuring good rotation and a fast turnover, I took zero breaths on the way down and only one breath on the way back and I nailed a personal best. A time that is anemic to most of you but glorious for me. A 28.39 for a 50-free SCM.

When the video is up I will link you all to it.


Ahelee said...

Mark Savage gave you great advice... to get ready - what a coach! You're right - it was cold and this was probably the best way and only way to get warm.
Have to keep it in mind for the sprints today!
Good Luck on the final day!

Ahelee said...

43 World Records so far - 1 more day to go!

Cornhole Game Boards said...

What a wonderful experience.Almost like preparing for a war...a war with oneself to break a previous record and do a better one.Beautifully written.