Monday, December 07, 2009

Team photos of the 'SPMA SCM Regional Championship' races!

Celebrity photographer, Mark Savage, took these photos and if you would like him to film you some time, here is a link to one of his sites: [Link]

  1. Erik Hockstein creating a vacuum behind his shoulders during a freestyle event
  2. Dan L. doing breaststroke probably in a world record relay
  3. Doug K. nailing his backstroke start leaving the guy next to him hanging
  4. Jenny C. doing fly (probably in a world record relay)
  5. Tony A. start sequence photo 1
  6. Tony A. start sequence photo 2
  7. Tony A. start sequence photo 3
  8. Rob of RobAquatics in the 200-fly. (He went out in a 1:11)

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