Sunday, March 21, 2010

Most Photos from the Santa Clarita Meet!

Jamie in the 50-breaststroke on top swam a 32-and-change. It was the first time he swam in a pool in over six-months. His 100-time was 1:11ish.

Below that is Trevor and I jumping off the blocks for the 50-fly. I am going back to the track start. I can react much faster. With the flat start, falling forward and pushing off is just too slow. Also, he dropped me on the second lap.

At the start of the backstroke race, Ahelee, looks like she is being levitated out of the water by a UFO.

Below Ahelee is Rob of the RobAquatics blog. His start technique reminds me of how Matt Biondi started his races: lots air and lots of arc.

Photos by Mark Savage. You can see his celebrity stuff and head shots here: [Link]

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