Saturday, March 20, 2010

So, today is the vernal equinox and I cellebrated the event at a swim meet!

I got four ribbons, set one personal best, and I even got sunburn at the Santa Clarita Short Course Yards Swim Meet. Obviously the meet was held in Santa Clarita which is a couple miles east of Six Flags Magic Mountain.

So, how cool is that on the first day of spring?

I am thoroughly enjoying the forward thinking of the USMS in regards to tech suits and short course yards. The USMS is a governing body that will definitely grow whereas the stuffy ones won't. Here is to shiny suits reflecting warm vernal equinox light.

Join us, its way better than FaceBook and you meet real people too.

Above is Dan Leonard; (famous in the attorney universe here in L.A.), trying to "beast" the 500-free.

BTW, The 500 free is a harsh mistress!

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