Friday, October 21, 2011

The 'Holy Grail' of this blog is to find a photo of Gwen Stefani Swimming 'Fly in High school - We are so close!

Hats' off to the Swimmers Daily who found this photo of the multi-talented Gwen Stefani grabbing a lane line for a school photo. Gwen Stefani, a local "grrl" from Orange County , California went on to be the "front man" for the band No Doubt for almost 20-years; a band her brother founded. She then enjoyed highly a successful solo-career doing duets with Moby and others. She started a clothing line called Harajuku Lovers which embraces Japanese pop-culture sensibilities and she has won and has been nominated for numerous Grammy awards.

She is definitely more charismatic than Lady Gaga, credited her image to the early work of Madonna flat out saying that she was a xerox of her early career and has battled her weight and self image since the sixth grade. Obviously she is winning that battle.

Thank you Jason for posting it on my Facebook wall!


Rókur said...

Woohoo, a SCAQ Blog mention :-)

Tony Austin said...

Yes - well deserved!

Jason said...

You are welcome. I know you are still looking for that fly pic!

hydro said...

Simply ...awesome.