Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bubble test for my surfing cartoon

I am REALLY inspired to do my own surfing cartoon after seeing Kleeman and Mike so I began working last night in earnest. It has no title yet but it is coming along conceptionally. First thing I am doing is building the art. I want great water art, neat character designs, and really tight wave animations

So, after working in Flash and Photoshop for 8 hours at work, I came home and spent another 3 hours of trying to animate the perfect wave; all of them were just mediocre and I wasn't to happy. :-(

So, to finish the night with some sort of victory; I chose to work on a "bubbles-test" instead. The above static graphic is how they turned out. Sorry that the graphic is static. Blogger wouldn't let me upload the animation. In the Flash animation the bubbles go up and down at different intervals and they look really "plushie". These bubbles will be part of the whitewater.

I love the impressionistic rendition in the Kleeman and Mike cartoon but I am going to go with a completely different style so that mine isn't rip-off.

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