Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Two Navy SEALs die while training in swimming pool - Why and How?

A Spanish general once spied upon a Roman legion both in practice and in battle and his report to to his royalty was quite chilling and is often quoted within the United States military: “Roman maneuvers are bloodless battles; their battles are bloody maneuvers.”

The essence here is that the Roman Legion was strong, organized and well practiced. When a soldier dies during "practice" or a maneuver there should be hell to pay... and pay, and pay. Why do I suspect none of that will happen. (When are veterans or their families ever taken care of?)  And why are the exact details not being made known? — It is obviously pretty shameful for both men died during fitness training but the details of how they died were not made known. This is an egregious omission which obviously suggest incompetence at a severe and deadly level..

The United States lost two of its elite soldiers, one who was married and a decorated SEAL who received a "...Bronze Star with Combat Valor, the Purple Heart, the US Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Valor, the US Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Valor, and other campaign and service medals. The other was a young kid who served in battle and in the photo up at the New York Post is proudly displaying the American flag while working in that theater.
 From the New York Post:  
Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Seth Cody Lewis of Queens and Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Brett Allen Marihugh of Livonia were found unresponsive Friday at the bottom of the Combat Swimming Training Facility at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story. Lewis, 32, died Friday and Marihugh, 34, died Sunday, officials said.  

Monday, April 20, 2015

Teen Uses Rowing to Build Confidence - You Chicken Soup For the Soul Moment

From the press release:
This Chicken Soup For The Soul Moment teaches us about the great places dedication and hard work can bring you. Back in 2013, then 18-year-old Monique Avin from Brooklyn, New York, brought us into her life of rowing. The teen took up rowing to help her succeed academically, physically and mentally. She tells us that the dedication and hard work it takes to row has helped her grow in all other aspects of life. She joined Row New York in her sophomore year of high school. The organization empowers young people by build helping strength, gain confidence, and pursue excellence through the unique sport.

Hungry for more Chicken Soup moments? For the Chicken Soup For The Soul YouTube channel, part of the HooplaHa Network


Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 Australian Surf Life Saving championships - Greatest Australian Ironman ever looks "Pretty in Pink"

Shannon Eckstein is a lifeguard, a sea-beast, and a kraken but now after winning another Australian Ironman (Australian Surf Life Saving championship), he is in my estimation the greatest Australian Ironman ever.

 But there is a problem, He is sort of a humble guy and does not want to be known as the greatest athlete ever in this genre so I will call him the Australian Surf Life Saving Champion Pink Kraken Man!

From The Australian:

Shannon Eckstein has now won more Australian Ironman titles than anyone else in the sport’s history. But still he shies away from being labelled “the greatest”.

“I grew up in Nippers watching Trevor (Hendy). I’m not the greatest. He’s always been inspirational,” 33-year-old Eckstein said yesterday.

But there’s the thing. Yesterday on North Kirra beach during the final day’s competition of the 2015 Australian Surf Life Saving championships, Eckstein won a record seventh Ironman. He finally passed the mark many thought would never be breached — Hendy’s six crowns. 

Micheal Phelps is the male version of Katie LeDecky

What can be said about Katie Ledecky? Here are my thoughts:

  • In workout does she make the elite male swimmers tell her "who's their mommy!"
  • Michael Phelps joked he would race her only if she is exhausted. (Ahhh, he wasn't joking!)
  • High altitude training in Colorado apparently was quite charming but perhaps a pool can be built for her at the the Mt Everest base camp?
  • She is the new black
  • Who is Missy Franklin again?

Connor Dwyer sis quoted as saying in the Washington Post:
“...She did some ridiculous stuff up there,” said Conor Dwyer, a gold medalist at the 2012 London Olympics in the 4x200-meter freestyle relay. “She was on our heels going some times that Ryan [Lochte] and I were going. I’ve never seen a female do that before. . . .  I haven’t seen any female train as hard as her. She’s got a work ethic like none other. ...”  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I am reopening the blog - I am back.

Hello all, just back from the "netherworld" of depression, art, and accomplishment. The trip to "hell and back" was painful, eventful, and profitable. (Would have gladly traded the profits for happiness tough.)
Trevor and I at TouchCommerce helped build a chat application for AT&T that has been used hundreds of thousands of times in the past month, (Not allowed to say the number but it is huge). We did another for Virgin Mobile UK & Virgin Mobile France Working on two more for two high profile clients.

I have created about 70 fine art pieces while I was away using a digital media medium called "Fractal Flame" (see some of the images above). I am building as many as a 100 pieces and they will select 15 for a show.

I will be doing the swim portion of a triathlon relay for a CBS affiliate in the fall, Alcatraz and Pier to Pier swims.

The situational depression is still ongoing but I will keep chasing that "happiness carrot" till two particular problems are solved. Thanks for listening.

P.S. Who is G. K. Austin II?  — A really snarky blogger, swimmer, artist, designer, a descendant of British kings, southern Italian "business men" and a mother and father that did the best they could for him despite their deficits.