Monday, April 29, 2013

Take advice from this cow, summer is coming so wear sunscreen!

This poor cow; I think it is a cow? Do cows have horns? Well, she only put the sunscreen on her face and look what happened to her. - Wear sunscreen!

The photo is entitled: "Cowliday", uploaded by belgianchocolate to their Flickr account

This is a re-post from 2007. Here is fresh information circa 2013 on how to correctly read sunscreen labels and protect yourself in the best way possible: [Link]

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Montage of Sun Yang's Technique from different angles

He seems to slap the water or his hand enters a little late compared with his right hand entry. Nonetheless, Sun Yang will most lately be considered the best distance swimmer ever come 2016.

Friday, April 26, 2013

A "Google-Glass type" of swim goggle that reports pacing, heart beat and distance right on the lens of the goggle!

You can also export the data to your computer. From Med Gadget: [Link]

8-miles away from land with daunting swells a brother & sister take 7-to-12-hours to swim to shore after their fishing boat sinks.

A brother and sister are on a fishing trip in Puerto Rico and in the middle of their struggle to reel in a marlin their chartered boat begins to take on water. It's pretty bad and it's near sundown, the best the captain can do is radio in their GPS coordinates but within 5-minutes of the distress call the boat is gone.

The captain advises that they all remain in a group as they float helplessly at sea and within an hour of the distress call a rescue helicopter flies overhead but the misses locating the crew and passengers due to the waning light. Consequently the helicopter is forced to head back to shore.

It's dark and now everybody is officially stranded 8-miles out like the 2003 film, Open Water. If you saw the movie which was loosely based on actual events then you know that it does not end well.

The captain continues to argue that the group should stay together, a logical argument, but who wants to spend 12-hours in darkness when land is in sight. Hence, Dan Suski and sister Kate Suski decide to swim in.

AP reports that the swells were twice as tall as they were but I find that unlikely since 10-foot seas or so would be be a serious small craft advisory and vessels such as theirs would have never left shore.  Nonetheless, I suspect the swells sure looked that way when they were swimming for their lives.

Somewhere between 7-to-12-hours later the couple makes it to shore but the swim in isn't easy. Their initial contact with land had them swimming towards steep cliffs and they were forced to swim some more till they found a small, rugged, beach safe enough to swim in. Once safely secured in a hospital they were tended too and releases. Later they found out that the captain and the crew were rescued some 23-hours after the sinking.

Was Dan Suski and sister Kate Suski wise to make a go of it? The result says yes. However, if any of us were faced with the same circumstance, should we take that same opportunity and our swim skill sets and do likewise? I would have for when faced with floating in an ocean for 12-hours plus when I could swim in to shore in well under 5-hours depending on conditions, I too would opt in for the swim.  

Here is a link to the AP article chronicling the events written above: [Link]

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beyoncé in H&M Summer Swimsuit Collection 2013

She is a swimmer you know and I have never seen a swimmer swim an easy-50 as relaxed as Beyonce. See this post for details: [Link]

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Russian Swimmer Arkady Vyatchanin to switch nationalities!

Arkady Vyatchanin is a Russian backstroker  currently involved in a spat with with Russian Swimming. Their disagreements have gotten so bad that Vyatchanin had this to say: "I believe that I can offer nothing else to Russian swimming,” [...] “I will continue my swimming performances but not as a Russian athlete any more. I will decide which country's team to join in the near future."

I don't expect Vyatchanin to swim for the US despite that he trains here in Florida. I suspect he will offer himself up like a "free agent" and swim for a country that offers the most opportunities. The United Arab Emirates, perhaps?

I commend him for his decision - I would have no problem with American athletes doing likewise if it meant that they could finally take care of their families and/or support themselves.
From the Daily Times:

MOSCOW: Two-time Olympic medal winner Arkady Vyatchanin has decided to quit swimming for Russia and represent another country, the Allsport news agency reported Monday.


Monday, April 22, 2013

I am on Twitter now but I am not really talking about swimming very much!

I am primarily linking to and posting some artwork, design links, talking about finely crafted watches, internet politics and business.

Join me for a 140-character conversation: [Link]

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) secretly bought Nazi filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl's, "Olympia"

Above is an excerpt of the film with athletes swimming the 200-breast. Note the technique differentiations but more importantly why was it okay for the IOC to buy, distribute and profit form a  Nazi propaganda film?

It's creator, Leni Riefenstahl was a brilliant filmmaker born in Berlin, Germany in 1902 and died in Germany in 2003 at 101-years-old - Riefenstahl contributions to cinematic arts have been emulated and celebrated by film historians, film critics, the Associated Press, The BBC. and even Jodi Foster who had hoped to star as Riefenstahl in a biopic. I am glad it was never made.

Now, moving on to Riefenstahl's dark side: after reading Adolphe Hitler's manifesto or Mein Kampf she had this to say:
"I had an almost apocalyptic vision that I was never able to forget. It seemed as if the Earth's surface were spreading out in front of me, like a hemisphere that suddenly splits apart in the middle, spewing out an enormous jet of water, so powerful that it touched the sky and shook the earth". 
According to the Daily Express of 24 April 1934, "The book made a tremendous impression on me. I became a confirmed National Socialist [NAZI] after reading the first page. I felt a man who could write such a book would undoubtedly lead Germany. I felt very happy that such a man had come..." [Link]

As a self confessed Nazi she goes on to make two of the greatest totalitarian propaganda films ever made, Olympia and Triumph of the Will. The most terrible thing about these films is that she made Nazis, along with the help of noted clothing designer, Hugo Boss, look really awesome. Yes Hugo Boss circa 1932 was a nazi: [Link]

Moving forward to present time, Germany sold their portion of the rights to Riefenstahl's Olympia to the IOC in the hope that the IOC would allow Leipzig to win the bid for the Olympic Games in 2012. (London got them obviously) Riefenstahl, still alive in 2002 sold her 70% ownership for whatever reason but the fact remains the IOC bought the rights to a film sponsored by a Nazi regime and one time card carrying Nazi.

Read more on the sale at the
In 1964, West Germany drew up a contract with Riefenstahl, which agreed that while both parties claimed exclusive ownership of the films, the director was to hold the usage rights and claim 70 percent of the royalties from them. Riefenstahl was also allowed to choose where and when her films were screened - a potentially politically-explosive responsibility the West German state decided it could do without. In 1979 she refused an application by the Free Democrats (FDP) to screen "Triumph" at an anti-Nazi rally. 
What a gal but the bigger question is, was it really that important for the IOC to disseminate such a product like that for a profit? You know their biggest purchasers will be white supremacist groups

Sunday, April 21, 2013

KATINKA HOSSZU Swimmer of the year for 2013?

Katinka Hosszu is a 23-year Hungarian swimmer who has competed is three Olympic games: Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, and London 2012. From London till now she has accomplished the following: Dominated the FINA Short Course World Championships in Istanbul earning five total medals for her native Hungary, NCAA Champion in the 200 Fly, first in the 400 IM at Arena Grand Prix in Mesa, and it is only May.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nicole Gross a victim at ground zero of the Boston Marathon swan for UT - She needs help and donations for surgeries! Please Help NOW!

Nicole Gross a victim at ground zero of the Boston Marathon swan for UT. On the cover of the Daily News she was featured surrounded by blood in an obvious state of shock and a severely traumatized ankle that will require surgeries; plural!

Her sister Erika Brannok lost a leg and we must take care of our own be they swimmers or Americans. We MUST step up and help. I donated $100, donate what you can.

The family has set up a website for donations so that Nicole and her friend can get the repair they need. I strongly urge you to donate.

From the Be Strong Stay Strong website:
"... The mission of Be Strong Stay Strong is to provide financial assistance for any and all current and future needs to the Gross family, including Erika Brannok, as a result of physical and mental injuries incurred at the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013..." 

From Swimming World:
Gross sustained a fractured leg and ankle, while her sister Erika Brannock had to undergo a partial amputation of one of her legs according to the Charlotte Observer. The two had been at the finish line in anticipation of welcoming their mother, Carol Downing, once she finished the race. 
A fundraising site has been created to help counter the costs of the medical bills currently being accumulated to help Gross and Brannock. The site, named "Be Strong Stay Strong" is public, but will not be fully functional to process funds until Friday. To help Gross and Brannock financially, please visit 

The IOC in it's 100+ years of existence has never had a female leader

The International Olympic Committee has never had a female "boss" if you will. Saw this article at Quartz that mentions other notable organizations that have never had a female leader.


For a list of the leaders who have run the IOC, check their webpage with accompanying biographies here:


At the right of this post is Pierre de Coubertin, President of the IOC from 1896 to 1925. He is fondly remembered for being a snappy dresser and sporting a wonderful walrus mustache.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

18-year-old Kosuke Hagino takes five titles at Japanese Nationals! - Does the US have some work to do?

Kosuke Hagino is quite a talent. One notable bullet point on Kosuke Hagino resumé is that he beat Michael Phelps in an Olympic Games.

At Japanese Nationals this weekend he swam more than a second faster than he did at the Olympics; (the same race he beat Phelps in), and he is still growing as a swimmer.

  1. 400-meter freestyle: 3:45.42
  2. 400-meter individual medley: 4:07.61
  3. 200-meter individual medley: 1:55.74
  4. 200-meter freestyle: 1:46.28
  5. 100-meter back: 53.10

In the near future if not all ready it looks as if the United States mens team will no longer be the most dominant nation in swimming.  However, I do suspect our women may carry that torch instead. USA Swimming numbers skew greatly towards girl participation and greedy colleges are embracing female swimmers so as allow for greater economic expansion in mens football and basketball. In the wake of that greed comes fewer mens swimming programs.

Do we have to wait for a debacle like the Australians suffered in the 2012 games to start making the necessary changes for male participation in this sport?

And since I am ranting...

Men are not only in trouble just in the pool but on the economic playing field as well. The industrial age is over and if you are not telling a computer or a software program what to do then a computer or a software program is telling you what to do and for 39% of americans that order goes something like this "We no longer need your services at this time." [YES 39% real unemployment - Read 'percent distribution' table: Link ]

Male statistics suck right now and in so many ways men need help. Improving male participation is swimming is just one simple area of importance. Male swimmers who get into college generally do quite well. I would hate to see that "avenue" turned into a "one-way street" for "women only."

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coachella Music Festival has a swimming pool but it is just a ‘mirage’

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival arrives every springtime in southern California and music critics could argue it has been our "Woodstock West" for the past 15-years.

Some of the art is really fun; like this mirage-like swimming pool.

From the Press International:
"... More from a news release: “To bring this immersive 3D projection to life, Pearl Media Productions will use a total of 21 26K HD Barco projectors, eight media servers and utilize a total of 12 zones of HD projection. The result is a breathtaking, full 360-degree ever-changing immersive experience. Pearl Media Productions not only designed the video system, but created more than 330 separate HD files for this installation. They will use 18 gigs of custom created content and more than 70 facets of individual video over the course of the six-day festival.” ..." 

Friday, April 12, 2013

What a huge disappointment: U.S. Secret Service now investigating former Fishers swim coach Ken Stopkotte

Ken Stopkotte has failed to appear at two court dates so he is essentially missing and has a warrant out for
his arrest.

This arrest will probably get him banned for life.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. - A Tennessee judge has issued an arrest warrant for former Fishers swim coach Ken Stopkotte after he failed to appear for two court appearances there this week, a deputy district attorney and court clerk said.

"We don't know where he is," Deputy District Attorney Jessica Borne told Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney. "We can’t move forward with the case until he is picked up."


Paul Biedermann of Germany to skip swimming FINA World Championships.

The Boston Herald reports that a two month bout with the flu put Biedermann too far behind to be able to swim at his optimal form. Very disappointing news: [Link]

A 'Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) will require USA Swimming's captive insurance company to share info with the IRS

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which comes into force this year will require foreign banks; such as the one USA Swimming uses in Barbados, to share account information with the Internal Revenue Service.

Under this new law I wonder if USA Swimming's interest in this captive corporation will become more transparent.

“When someone opens a Swiss bank account, they don’t open it in their own name, they open it with a Panama corporation, Delaware, Cayman Islands,” Rebecca Wilkins, a senior counsel at the non-profit Center for Tax Justice, says. “Under the UBS scandals, of the individual prosecutions, every single one so far has involved a shell company.”

Many of these fronts have recently been revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which obtained records from companies that help customers set up offshore companies disguising their ownership. While legal, this can be exploited by crony capitalists, con men, and tax evaders, leaving government officials in the dark as to who ultimately benefits from a company’s assets.


The article further details what FACTA does and how Europe is embracing it to prevent money laundering and to shore up the financial institutions there.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

USA Swimming "foe" Robert Allard is representing the family of a girl who committed suicide after being gang-raped!

For a recap, Robert Allard is also representing Dia Rianda in her wrongful termination against the Golden West Swim Club. He has represented several victims even one who suffered at the hands Rick Curl. He has been instrumental in getting severely immoral and sexually abusive coaches on the banned list at USA Swimming too.

I read this in the L.A. Times today:
"... The lawyer for the girl’s family, Robert Allard, said students shared photos of the attack on cellphones. The girl posted on Facebook that her life was ruined and that she was going through her “worst day ever” shortly before she committed suicide, he said. ..."

Anybody who says Robert Allard defends sexual abuse victims just for the money is WRONG!

Monday, April 08, 2013

New drama in the Dia Rianda lawsuit against the Golden West Swim Club (GWSC), Mark Schubert and Bill Jewell

For an overview of Dia Rianda's lawsuit, here are several posts on the subject: [Link]

I am providing a link below for download, a government claim filed last Friday by Dia's representation; (read that as a precursor to a lawsuit), is seeking damages against Golden West College and its President Wes Bryan for defamation.

When the lawsuit broke, Wes Bryan decided to do an immediate investigation into Dia's claim and ultimately exonerated Schubert and Jewell completely. Ironically, or more likely intentionally, when Bryan conducted this investigation, he forgot to or never intended to interview Dia Rianda.

Imagine the police investigating a crime but refusing to interview the victim? There is a police term for that, it is called, "The fix is in."

If you recall, late last year the LA Times and Swimming World reported that Schubert and Jewell had been exonerated as mentioned above. Well apparently the purpose of this investigation by Golden West College and its President Wes Bryan was to help Schubert and Jewell call into doubt Dia Rianda's credibility.

So, since the the fix looks like it is apparently in, guess who gets invited to a deposition by Dia's lawyers? "Alex, I will take Wes Bryan for $500."

More information was gleaned from Bryan's deposition late last month. He was actually given an opportunity to issue a public apology to Dia Rianda but his attorneys; (plural), said they could not meet the Friday deadline. Hence, this government claim was filed to protect Rianda's right to sue a government agency for defamation.

I am making this government claim available for download here: [Link]

Friday, April 05, 2013

Coach Trent McNicol is an innocent man! - Trent McNicol will not be prosecuted for sex abuse!

Coach, Trent McNicol will not be prosecuted for sex abuse. The Oshawa, Crown prosecutor has dropped all charges against him.

As a result of the charges which remained in limbo for about a year, Mr. McNicol has had a very tough go.

From the
"...Last April when Durham police called him to their Oshawa station and charged him with sexual assault and sexual exploitation. The complainant was a girl who alleged the offences occurred when she was between 10 and 12, starting in 2005.

On Friday, Crown prosecutor Lori Anne Turner dropped the charges against the 43-year-old married father of two young women in the Oshawa courthouse, saying there was no reasonable prospect of conviction. ..."

I will go through this blog and any and all references to charges will be updated.

Monday, April 01, 2013

BBC 2008 footage: Rare penguin species can fly

What is it about penguins that pull at the heart strings? It's hard not to keep a dry eye on this one.

Michael Phelps is coming out with a new cologne for Christmas: Swim Sweat!

The tag line is "Smell like Mike." My source, Mark Savage did the photo shoot and he sent me this preliminary magazine ad.

I must say that if I were that sort of person who wore cologne and it was called "Pool Sweat", I would not want it to look like a vile of Michael Phelps' urine. Would you?