Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy halloween! This is a photo of a deep sea glass squid. Pretty scary, huh?

From Wikipedia: "...Eye morphology varies widely, ranging from large and circular to telescopic and stalked. A large fluid-filled chamber containing ammonia solution is used to aid buoyancy. Often the only organ that is visible through the transparent tissues is a cigar-shaped digestive gland, which is the cephalopod equivalent of a mammalian liver. This is usually held in a vertical position to reduce its silhouette and a light organ is sometimes present on the lower tip to further minimise its appearance in the water.

Like most squid, the juveniles of cranchiid squid live in surface waters, descending to deeper waters as they mature. Some species live over two kilometres below sea level. The body shape of many species changes drastically between growth stages and many young examples could be confused for different species altogether.

Cranchiid squid represent no interest to commercial fisheries. ..."

I wouldn't eat one!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Link to a better video of Natalie Coughlin's WR

Swimming World has a nice video of Natalie Coughlin breaking the 100 SCM backstroke world record. This video is straight from WCSN so it's class act: [Link]

You can watch the 'FINA World Cup' series liv at the FINA website

These times are central European times: [Link]
Australia November 2-3 10:00*
Russia November 9-10 15:30*
Sweden November 13-14 19:00*
Germany November 17-18 15:30*
Brazil November 24-25 13:00*

The feed is provided by WCSN who has proven to be quite generous to the swimming public at large by providing streaming content at either a very low price or by providing it a day or two later on You Tube or at their very own site. I wish USA Swimming would have signed a marketing deal with WCSN rather than the Wasserman Media Group.

You can also see these races as well as other high profile sports at the WCSN website as well: [Link]

Monday, October 29, 2007

Natalie Coughlin on the medal podium post world record in Singapore

Here is shot of Natalie Coughlin on the medal stand after her world record 100 SCM backstroke in at the FINA World Cup in Singapore. I found this shot at as part of junefoo's photostream (Great shot of the scoreboard there too.) Here is a direct link to the photo. [Link]

Amputees bond and are inspired by dolphin amputee with prosthetic tale

Child and adolescent amputees bond and/or are inspired by dolphin amputee who swims around with a prosthetic tail. It's all featured here in this CNN video. [Link]

Natalie Coughin's 100 SCM backstroke world record

UPDATE: Swimming World has a nice video of Natalie Coughlin breaking the 100 SCM backstroke world record. This video is straight from WCSN so it's class act: [Link]

From Lane 9 News: "... SINGAPORE, October 28. THE United States' Natalie Coughlin cashed a big check on Sunday in Singapore as she came through with the first swim eligible for the world-record bounty at the 2007 FINA World Cup series.

In similar fashion to when she reset the women's 100 backstroke world record over the long course at the FINA World Championships in March, Coughlin did the same over the short course with a sparkling time of 56.51 in Singapore. ... [Link]

I thought I was a lone voice in the wind regarding the Wasserman Media Group and 'You Tube' downloads. Not Now!

Here is a snippet from a swim blogger I just started reading: "...

So yea, we’re not fans of the Wasserman Media Group. And we don’t care if you tell them. They can suck it.

As many people are aware, if you posted any video from Nationals on popular videosharing site YouTube, then you probably are well aware that the “fine folks” at WMG have nothing better to do with their time then police YouTube and request that all content pertaining to the recent Nationals in Indy be removed for copyright violations.

I figured that the reason they wanted video taken down was so they could later package the event and then sell it. And that is, in fact, what they are doing. It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. I hope Diddy doesn’t come after me and threaten to sue me after quoting his song right there. Lawsuits seem to be the corporate activity du jour.

Anyway, USA Swimming and WMG aren’t even including all races in the 2-DVD set. All you get for your $15 fee is A Finals and “Fast Heats”. What exactly is “fast heats”? Is it just the last one? Is it all the circle seeded ones? Care to elaborate? ..." [Link]

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Is Micha Burden wearing a prototype TYR speed suit?

Gosh, I almost feel like a car blog now trying to get preview shots of the new and improved model. Micha Burden is wearing be the new speed suit that TYR has suggested in their teaser promo? YES!

TYR press release:

On the ladies’ side of the U.S. Olympic Trials for open water swimming, 20 swimmers battled it out for just two spots.

With race conditions similar to those in Beijing, the four Olympic hopefuls broke away from the pack early on. Two of these swimmers being part of the TYR sponsored Mission Viejo Nadadores. With just 500 meters to go, Micha Burden, of TYR sponsored Mission Viejo Nadadores broke away from the competitors with her powerful, untouchable kick. Micha won the event in 2:00:47.48 and Mission Viejo Nadador Chloe Sutton took third, both wearing our Tracer Light Olympic swimsuit technology designed specifically for open water swimmers.

Erica Rose placed among the ten finishers in the 10K race. She is invited to represent the United States at the 2008 World Championship in Seville as the fastest American in the 25K.

Way to go Mission Viejo Nadadores and Erica Rose!!

Photo found here at [Link]

The Virtual Water Project

Hopefully you don't find the above animation too annoying. I found this "animated .gif " at a site in Germany called "The Virtual Water Project." What these individuals have done is calculated the water footprint of each nation and/or food group using data from UNESCO research papers: Water footprints of nations, Value of Water Research Report Series No. 16, UNESCO-IHE, Delft, the Netherlands.

If you go to the link listed at the end of this paragraph, there is a Flash graphic where you can click on an icon such as a cow, an orange, a pig, an ear of corn etc. and it will tell you how many liters of water are needed to produce such an item. For instance, it takes 840 liters of water just to produce the coffee beans and the water therein to make a simple pot of coffee. Water footprints for entire nations are listed as well. [Link]

Originally found at Not

Friday, October 26, 2007

A new breaststroke or a new way to cheat at breaststroke?

This Lane 9 News article outs swimmer Romanos Alyfantis of using a dolphin kick throughout his breaststroke and he hasn't been DQed at all. Here is a snippet: "...The FINA rulebook clearly states that the breaststroke requires outward-turned feet leading into the kicking motion of the stroke..." [Link]

TYR may be coming out with a new speed suit utilizing what they call "Tracer Light Technology"

UPDATE: Current TYR Aquashift speed suits are half off at the TYR website!

I just went to the TYR site to go buy a suit and some goggles and they have a quick teaser video on the home page with what looks like a new type of speed suit. The quick snippet of the speed suit has no trip-wires on it like the previous models. I wonder if this has something to do with a FINA ruling regarding swim suits? [Link]

More scary monsters from the ocean, deep

This is not a 'Photoshoped' manipulated animal for Halloween, it is actually a species of monster called Promachoteuthis sulcus that lives 1750 to 2000 meters deep off the south Atlantic coast. Hopefully natural selection keeps them there for there are several parts of my body that I don't want this thing anywhere near!

Here is a link to the Tree of Life project: [Link]

Go Swim is posting swim tech videos to Brightcove

Rumor has it that Glenn Mills, of Go Swim had a lot to do with the Total Immersion school of thought Well, Mr. Mills has posted swim tutorial videos to Brightcove; 130 to be exact, and they are all FREE! Above is a flip turn tutorial with lots of suggestions as to how to make the turn your

He was a very accomplished swimmer; ( won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles), [Oops!] Who won the US Olympic Trials in 1980 in the 200 breast; (the year Jimmy Carter decided we should boycott the Moscow Olympic Games), and became an NCAA champion in the 200 breast in 1983.

Here is a link to his Brightcove page with over a 130 video listings: [Link]

Here is a link to the Go Swim website: [Link]

Natalie Coughlin is launching a signature line of swim stuff

The first of these products is a waterproof iPod Shuffle case: "...The iSH2 Waterproof Case/Headset is available for $79.99 at Apple stores, REI, Dick's Sporting Goods, and CompUSA. ..." Apparently the iPod simply attaches to your goggles. Here is a link to the iSH2 website featuring oughlin: [Link] Gearlog Link [Link]

Here is a link to a press release denoting her intention to brand really cool products: [Link]

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Zebra meets dolphin

I found this shot about a California theme park at the English version of Der Spiegel:

Beauregard, an 8-month-old Grant's zebra, is greeted by Brandy, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, while out on his daily walk around the park at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California." [Link]

Monday, October 22, 2007

Grant Hackett tells Elka Graham to name the swimmer who tried to seduce her into taking PEDs

Elka Graham is Australian swimmer/Olympian who silver medaled in the Sydney Olympics in the 4x200 free relay. She was accomplished enough to swim in the Athens Olympics as well.

Elka Graham is quite a personality down under appearing in such TV fair as "Dancing with the Stars," and a TV show called "Glass House" among others.

Graham recently wrote an article stating that she was offered performance enhancing drugs by a teammate while training for the Athens Olympics but that she refuses to name this person. Grant Hackett has subsequently made a statement that she should name this person and Ian Thorpe suggest the same thing as well. Australian Swimming is now talking about launching a probe into her allegations and wants that name. Elka is remaining silent.

It was an ill advised or a plain stupid accusation for Graham to make and she has no recourse but to remain silent for anyone she implicates will simply deny the allegation; (if the doping offer even took place), and with no proof whatsoever other than her own word, she will be placed in a lawsuit she can't win. This allegation should have been made in 2004 ONLY!

The Age
[Link], Bloomberg Australia [Link], Herald Sun [Link], USA Today, [Link]

Great open water article regarding Mark Warkentin's win at the 2007 Open Water Championship Trials

The photo above is of Erica Rose and Mark Warkentin, who are both the current women's and men's 2007 U.S. Open Water National Champions in the 25K distance!

I took this photo from the TYR website; (which is my favorite swim brand), since I couldn't find a photo at Over the weekend Mark Warkentin won the 2007 World Championship Open Water Swimming Trials. A top ten finish at the Championship next year in Spain will guarantee him a spot on the US Olympic team

The word "great" is such an overused adjective that it has now become a meaningless cliché. So, when I say this article is great, I mean grand, big, excellent, exceeding expectations et cetera

This article is a play-by-play of the
2007 World Championship Open Water Swimming Trials written by Steven Munatones who was observing from the lead boat. Therein he writes about the swim strategy of Mark Warkentin, the swimming formations and the personalities.

Here is a snippet: "...

The field started off strong, heading straight into a slight surface chop and slight morning sun's glare. Swimming past numerous multi-million-dollar mansions surrounding the lake, the field formed into a classic European pack with everyone jockeying positions, hitting feet and hands, muscling around or away from others. Many of the pre-race favorites quickly found themselves in the front of the pack: Fran Crippen, Chip Peterson, Chad La Tourett and Noa Sakamoto.

But, there was one conspicuous absence: Mark Warkentin. Where was Mark? Pulling up the rear. Was this the same Mark who likes to lead? Sure was, swimming calmly and smoothly at the caboose. ..." [Link]

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Female swimmer searches to this blog are widely more popular than male swimmers

I was going through Google Analytics checking out what is the most popular content on our site here for the past six months or so and yet again, the girls come up as the most searched for items. My number one male swimmer for the period is Ian Thorpe and than Phelps.

Amanda Beard is in the stratosphere and can literally double hits to a site if you use the words Amanda and Nude in the same sentence. Kate Ziegler is the biggest right now and so is Katie Hoff. Laure Manaudou and Natalie Coughlin score below Michael Phelps but even relatively unknown women's swimmers such as Keri Hehn do very well. Former swimmers women's swimmers such as Janet Evans and Sippy Woodhead are searched up often as well

I also get funny search strings from the Google and Yahoo keyword traffic such as: Nude swimming in southern California, Dara boobs, Dara Torres bikini, Laure-Manaudou-see- through-bathing-suit, nude Ian Thorpe etc. As funny as these are, women's names come up the most. That really surprised me since the ads for Speedo and TYR seem male centric.

I have been getting a lot of searches with Amy Van Dyken and the word steroids/Balco connected with it as well. (Hope they are not their lawyers.)

Open water is HUGE! People want to know about races, race news and technique.

Then there is people searching up shoulder and heart articles. Shoulders more than anything. I think i should ad a link to shoulder rehab in the links section.

A movie trailer from 1968 for a film called "The Swimmer" starring Burt Lancaster

Here we have Burt Lancaster looking like pretty good for a 55-year-old man.

From wikipedia: "...The story takes place in the affluent suburbs of Westchester County, New York, and focuses on Neddy Merrill, who despite being middle-aged, wants to retain his youth and believes that he is a vibrant individual. He marvels at his trail-blazing idea of "swimming the county". At the beginning of the story, Neddy is at a cocktail party at the Westerhazys' and realizes that by following an imaginary chain of private and public pools in his affluent community he can literally swim home. Next we have a succession of similar scenes, as Neddy enters the backyard of his neighbors, sometimes bursting into a party, sometimes engaging in conversation, and most of the time having a drink - but always swimming the length of their pool. Soon it becomes clear to the reader that something has gone awry. ..."

Go to wiki for the spoiler ending: [Link]

The film was directed by Frank Perry. However Perry left the production due to creative differences, leaving the scene where Neddy meets his former mistress Shirley Adams unfinished. This final scene was directed by Sydney Pollack. ..."

As a kid, I saw this film on late night TV one summer in between grades and it disturbed me greatly. When the third act begins, the movie gets quite dark and depressing. It has a creepy ending which really startled me. Rumors are that Alec Baldwin wants to do a remake. He will need to start swimming and lose some weight if he gets the green light. Personally I think Clay Evans would be a better casting choice. ;-D

What inspired this post was an article regarding a swimmer, Dennis Sopczynski, who wants to swim from San Francisco to L.A. just like "Neddy Merrill above.": [Link]

Kate Ziegler in the 400 SCM in Essen, Germany

Her stroke count per lap is nineteen. Watching her swim is like watching a Swiss clock tick.

Kate Ziegler's 2nd World Record in the 1500 SCM

Kate Ziegler is the new Ian Thorpe.

Kate Ziegler's World Record swim in the 800scm

Everything about this swim is great, the dive, the turns and look at her kick.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Laure Manadou won't swim next month in the FINA World Cup in Sydney

Laure Manaudou will not be swimming in next month's Fina World Cup in Sydney. The Daily Telegraph states that last Saturday she pulled out with no immediate explanation provided. [Link]

My favorite Manaudou source, Maly, who has ocassionally postec on this blog said this on a Timed Finals message board: "... I read yesterday in L’Equipe that Kate Zeigler had [fired] her up, I think that is good for her because Laure likes swimming against something or someone , it motivates her more. ..."

The photo to the right can be seen at guyomedw photo stream at Here is a direct link to the photo: [Link]

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

They call him the Anacapa kid

I am linking to this story at Apres Cruzatte not because I get quoted but rather it's a kick ass piece about a kid who swam from Anacapa island to Oxnard, California. What makes it so good is how thorough it is and even provides links such as this coastal map to show you the context of the swim: [Link]

Here is a snippet:

"... On September 28 of this year, Kaustubh Vemuri, a 10-year-old from Pune, India, swam from Anacapa Island to Oxnard (in California), becoming the youngest person to cross the Santa Barbara Channel. It was not his first major swim; among other feats, he completed a 72 km swim in India when only eight. ..."

This photo was taken by analog_chainsaw at Here is a direct link to the photo: [Link]

Calls to capitulate on sports doping regulations

Blogger Joel from The 17th Man swim blog sent me this article from the L.A. Times which was written by a former Olympian who makes an anemic case for capitulation against sports doping. [Link]

It came out the day before Don Talbot made his statements regarding Marion Jones, and a day before this article by Lane 9 News which states that Jean-Francois Lamour, Vice President of WADA, will resign due to the fact that he "... didn't believe WADA was firmly behind the opposition of drug use in sports. ..."

I wish Mr. Lamour would have outed who these special interest groups are. Could they be drug companies such as Amgen or Merck? Perhaps commissioners of organized sports such as the NFL or MLB. Could they be team owners, players' unions, athletes like Floyd Landis, Barry Bonds or lawyers for Ian Thorpe? Who, Mr. Lamour? Hook us up!

Articles regarding his resignation: Here is a AFP news: [Link] Supersport article : [Link]

Monday, October 15, 2007

Don Talbot makes controversial statements about performance enhancing drugs

I woke up this morning and looked at my Swimming World RSS feed and saw that they had an article about Don Talbot, a famed Australian coach, stating that perhaps performance enhancing drugs should be legal.

This is just one of his quotes to the Sydney Morning Hearld: "When people start to talk about legalising it, I don't like the sound of that, but maybe it needs to be looked at more," Talbot told The Sun-Herald. * [Link]

In The Daily Telegraph Talbot really sounded off and called those who dope "bastards" and "buggers" and that someone should give Marion Jones "...a kick up the arse." He went on to say she should give back all of her money, her houses, fame etc. (She has four houses.) [Link]

The only way to remove dopers from the Olympics is to remove the profit potential for cheating. The Olympics must return to amature athletes only whereas sponsors and athlete endorsements are disallowed. Dopers should go to jail for fraud since great sums of money are involved and subsequently these cheaters should be held liable in civil lawsuits as well. There, Dan Talbot has his suggestion and now I have added mine.

The above photo is entitled: "Epogen, the wonder drug that helps Fred's anemia." I found it at [Link]

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Could Kate Ziegler be the new Ian Thorpe

She broke her record again in the 800 SCM lowering her time from 8:09 to 8:08. (I guess the first record was just a warm up. ;-)

With all of the drama surrounding Laure Manadou, who or who isn't coaching her, the lawsuits, the acrimony, I would have to say that Kate Ziegler now has to be the favorite for the gold medal in both the 800 and 400m free.

I find it astonishing that a women's 1500m free event does not yet exist in the Olympics. If it did, Kate Ziegler would be crowned the new "Ian Thorpe" for I think she would dominate the 400, the 800 and the 1500 meter events.

Article roundup: [Swimming World Link], [USA Today Link], [International Herald Tribune Link],

Here are the split times from Swimming World:

1. Kate Ziegler 1988 The Fish/USA 08:08,00 1051 WR

50m: 00:28,72 (00:28,72) 100m: 00:59,22 (00:30,50)
150m: 01:29,78 (00:30,56) 200m: 02:00,48 (00:30,70)
250m: 02:31,15 (00:30,67) 300m: 03:01,96 (00:30,81)
350m: 03:32,75 (00:30,79) 400m: 04:03,73 (00:30,98)
450m: 04:34,65 (00:30,92) 500m: 05:05,46 (00:30,81)
550m: 05:36,35 (00:30,89) 600m: 06:07,13 (00:30,78)
650m: 06:37,84 (00:30,71) 700m: 07:08,48 (00:30,64)
750m: 07:39,30 (00:30,82) 800m: 08:08,00 (00:28,70 )

Kate Ziegler photo and caption is homage to LOL Cats: [Link]

Zumanity's water bowl performance on the 'Tonight Show' with Jay Leno

I suspect that this is the PG version but it is still beautiful. The water appears a tad cloudy because it is saline rather than chlorinated water.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Double amputee to receive mermaid tail for swimming

Wouldn't it be cool to swim a workout with mermaids or "mermen" in your lane. (Except when doing 'fly sets.) I think this appliance or an adaptation thereof could make swimming accessible for Iraq war veterans and other disable people. From the Daily Mail:

"... Double amputee Nadya Vessey will soon be able to swim like a mermaid with a specially-made tail that will let her propel herself through the water.

The keen swimmer is to be fitted with the "mermaid-style" tail made by the same special effects team behind blockbuster Lord of the Rings and King Kong." [Link]

Friday, October 12, 2007

Email Alert from 'Swimming World': Kate Ziegler sets new WRs?

Kate Ziegler may have set a new world record in both the 800 and the 1500 SCM whose records were was previously held by Laure Manaudou if this news report is correct.

Here is a link to the news report at Lane 9 News: [Link]

I would have included a photo of Kate Ziegler but no photographer at will allow it, consequently, enjoy the loss of brand equity and facial recognition, Kate!

I have posted a photo of Laure Manaudou instead who is seen above smiling and wearing my favorite swim brand. This pleasant photo was taken from guyomedw's photostream at Here is a direct link to the photo: [Link]

From Swimming World news alert:

Kate Ziegler Breaks 800, 1500 Free Short Course Meter World Records in Germany
ESSEN, Germany, October 12. ACCORDING to a post on the SG Essen web site, Kate Ziegler added to her world record total with a pair of short course meter global standards at the Alex Athletics Challenge in Essen, Germany.

Ziegler clocked a time of 8:09.68 in the 800 free to lower the previous standard of 8:11.25 set by Laure Manaudou of France in Trieste, Italy on Dec. 9, 2005.

Ziegler also captured the 1500 free world record with a time of 15:32.90 to demolish the previous record of 15:42.39 set by Manaudou in La Roche-sur-Yon, France on Nov. 20, 2004.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

10K Open Water Race: Explained and Photo Illustrated

This is the best link of the year. It's a an open water primer for a 10k race that takes the viewer from the beginning all the way through an open water race. This includes numbering, rules, strategies and more. Every paragraph or slide-show page has a photo illustration which makes it very delightful to go through. I found this site originally at which has a writeup about it but the 10k open water primer is located here: [Link]

Friday, October 05, 2007

To lighten things up here is Katie Hoff setting an American record in the 200 IM

Sometimes I wonder if she is a land dwelling animal. ;-)

Floyd Landis, Marion Jones, Barry Bonds: We are the new East Germans

In just one year, three Americans have summarily sullied not just their names, but their sports, their country and the historic venues where their cheating took place.

With her admission of guilt to have taken the same steroids that Barry Bonds had, Marion Jones, five-time Olympic medalist has consequently branded the Olympics and the performances therein as highly suspect and always open to question. In other words, great performances will always be deemed untrustworthy! Also note, will her relay have to give back their medals or did they cheat too?

Disgraced rider, Floyd Landis after testing positive for synthetic testosterone has destroyed the 'house' that Lance Armstrong built. In July of 2007, Tour de France television ratings for this year's Le Tour on the Versus channel; (formerly the Outdoor Life Network), were FLAT or down 50% from the Lance Armstrong era. Instead of Floyd Landis growing the sport. He stopped it in its tracks.

Then there is baseball's Barry Bonds. One swimmer I know argued that everybody else in baseball is dirty so why does it matter? Well, it does matters because it is cheating and the performances are artificial and have little to do with humanity. Note: Barry Bonds' home-run ball at the Baseball Hall of Fame now has an asterik after it explaining the steroid controversy connected to it.

The East Germans doped for both fame and jingoistic reasons. But we Americans have refined that philosophy: These individuals are the new East Germans but their flag is the hundred-dollar bill, their political ideology is to lie, to cheat and then cry all the way to the bank.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Respectable aquatic accomplishments or child abuse?

UPDATE: The Scotsman has made it official, it's child abuse: "...Photographs showed Li, wearing a skirted swimsuit, being picked up out of the water by her father. Her ankles were tied together with string and her hands were bound by a strip of cloth. A newspaper report said the girl was so cold her face was blue..." [Link]

The BBC had this to add: "...Bystanders accused the girl's parents of abusing and exploiting her, Xinhua said. [Link]

I was going to post five more links and several paragraphs but I will spare you my typos and bad grammar for a two paragraph summation. Girl swims with bound hands, feet tied. "...A father tied his 10-year-old daughter's hands and feet and watched her swim in a chilly southern China river for three hours in a task he said Thursday would help the girl achieve her dream of swimming across the English Channel....": [Link]

Seven year old swims from Alcatraz: [Link]
I simply call these kids child abuse victims for accomplishments like this smell of "Little League syndrome" on crack. When I read about kids swimming channels and such or vast open water stretches, I immediately believe they are more likely than not talked into it by their parents for what 8-year-old kid even knows where or what the Channel Islands are? What kid knows the significance of an Alcatraz swim let alone its history, how cold it is, how serious a swim it is et cetera when according to a National Geographic study half of American students can't find New York on a map and 63% can't find Iraq either. [reference: Link]

So, where did the motivation for an 8-year-old to swim all across creation come from? Two years ago these kids couldn't even read but now they know where and what the English channel is and what sort of wetsuit is needed for Alcatraz. Yeah, it smells of "Little League syndrome."

Monday, October 01, 2007

Dara Torres on the cover of Swimming World

And she looks better than Amanda Beard's spray painted butt in Playboy too!

If Dara Torres qualifies for the US Team next summer she will be the focal point of not just the women's team but magazine covers nationally. You will see her on Time, Newsweek, People, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated - I promise. It's refreshing to know that her swims will be the subject at hand rather than her tits, err, boobs.

My advice to her is to market how she got there and talk seriously how she is still able to be an above average mother at the same time. We are talking potential icon here and rightfully so. Boomers are more affluent than X-ers, hence, I believe she could be bigger than Jane Fonda was in the 1980's or Mark Spitz was in the 1970's. That is if she can resonate her extraordinary accomplishments as not just a sporting brand but rather a lifestyle one. If I were her agent I would put her on both the lecture circuit and radio and TV talk shows yesterday.

Turning 40 and having a baby will be the best thing that ever happened to her. Marketing studies have shown that a 50-year-old women sees her personal age as 34 whereas a 50-year-old man see themselves as 38. She is right in the sweet spot for the most affluent demographic in America. How old do you view yourself?

Check out the Swimming World press release here: [Link]

There is a new Sheriff in town and her name is Kate Ziegler?

Laure Manaudou and Kate Ziegler have become the new Ian Thorpe and Michael Phelps rivalry. Like Ian Thorpe, who was appearing to be on the ropes a year before he retired, Laure Manaudou is looking a bit beat up as well. Despite that Kate Ziegler owns both the 800m and the 1500m world records, Manaudou still gets top billing in that rivalry and apparently Kate Ziegler does not want to wait till Beijing to change that.

Kate Ziegler is now in Europe, (if the website Swim News is accurate), to challenge Manaudou's SCM records at the "... Essen International next week with her sights set on the global standards achieved by her French rival. ..." If she does that, then there is a new sheriff in town and her name is Kate Ziegler. [Link]

Above is a YouTube of Kate Ziegler racing Laure Manaudou at Worlds.