Monday, October 01, 2007

Dara Torres on the cover of Swimming World

And she looks better than Amanda Beard's spray painted butt in Playboy too!

If Dara Torres qualifies for the US Team next summer she will be the focal point of not just the women's team but magazine covers nationally. You will see her on Time, Newsweek, People, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated - I promise. It's refreshing to know that her swims will be the subject at hand rather than her tits, err, boobs.

My advice to her is to market how she got there and talk seriously how she is still able to be an above average mother at the same time. We are talking potential icon here and rightfully so. Boomers are more affluent than X-ers, hence, I believe she could be bigger than Jane Fonda was in the 1980's or Mark Spitz was in the 1970's. That is if she can resonate her extraordinary accomplishments as not just a sporting brand but rather a lifestyle one. If I were her agent I would put her on both the lecture circuit and radio and TV talk shows yesterday.

Turning 40 and having a baby will be the best thing that ever happened to her. Marketing studies have shown that a 50-year-old women sees her personal age as 34 whereas a 50-year-old man see themselves as 38. She is right in the sweet spot for the most affluent demographic in America. How old do you view yourself?

Check out the Swimming World press release here: [Link]

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_trevr said...

Okay. I officially have a huge crush on her...