Saturday, April 30, 2011

The good news about comebacks and the bad news about comebacks!

Had a thought just now: It's terrific that swimmers who have gone into retirement then make a decision to comeback do inspire generations to keep with their sports. However, the bad news is that perhaps these comebacks are viable due to the fact that the upcoming talent happens to be too anemic to provide a stronger, faster and more motivated performance. Thus the "older model" is still better than the "newer model."

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ian Thorpe dressed like a gentleman at the royal wedding!

Now compare this guy to Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps - In casual life Thorpe isn't wearing grills, he is not wearing a baseball cap on backwards or sideways, no Lakers or Hornets jersey, all that stuff is for 17-year-olds or younger.

Now granted, if Phelps or Lochte were invited to a wedding they would dress appropriately too, but if you get a chance compare how all three of these men dress when in a casual setting with a Google image search.

Also, Thorpie is probably wearing some Armani ensemble and John Lobb shoes; (look up the price).

See Ian Thorpe in the royal wedding gallery here: [Link]

Go to Chloe Sutton's blog and feel her passion for swimming!

Chloe Sutton has entered the house - she is now in the links column to the right of the page. Now this is a swimmer who truly represents our "brand." She is dedicated, motivated and passionate.

She also has a blog at Universal Sports where in her first blog post shows us her "street credentials" and succinctly writes her love for the sport and for those around it.

When it comes to American swimming, she is the "truth, justice and American way" type of girl. I kid you not; I know the family, It's God and country. She will be a marketeers dream if she does well in 2012.

Her street credentials from Universal Sports:

At age 12, I broke national age group records and, thanks to that same stubborn persistence and determination, won my first national championship at 14 in the 10k open-water event. My Olympic berth came at 16 and now, as a 19-year-old, I am a six-year veteran on the National Team now focusing on the 400m and 800m meter freestyles. In those six years, I have been so blessed to travel along with some of the world's best athletes. I've also seen the world and experienced cultures that most people don't ever get to see. The people I have met and the things I have seen because of swimming make me so thankful to have this opportunity and this gift.

She got skillz'

UPDATE: Dave in the city out west interviews Chloe: [Link]

Thorpedo arrives at Abbey

Thorpedo arrives at Abbey: "Swimming star arrives at Westminster Abbey, and seems to look like a fish out of water."

Above is a link to a video showing Ian Thorpe nervously in line waiting to get to his seat sitting along side both Mario Testino; the royal photographer, and Elton John.

Prince William is a serious contributor to Ian Thorpe's charity, Fountain for Youth.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Australians don't "talk trash" : They talk goals!

It is well known that Michael Phelps has a talent for turning negative emotions into productive results. Most notably taking "trash talk" statements and/or predictions quoted in a newspaper or a blog and using the negative feelings those words generated to inspire him rather than distract him.

At the 2011 Eric Namesnik Grand Prix held on 4/8/2011 to 4/10/2011, Michael Phelps won the 100m-fly by logging a time of 52.30 whereas last October at the Pan Pacific Championships Phelps clocked in at 50.65. Contrast that to the 2009 Fina World Championships when he swam a 49.82 motivated by the "trash talk" of Milord Cavic. (Milord Cavic also broke 50-seconds in that race.)

Digressing, Phelps didn't have such a great meet at the Namesnik Grand Prix and with the 2011 FINA World Championships justs a few months a way, is he beatable due to his lack of motivation? If so, look who is motivated: My favorite butterfly champ, Geoff Huegill and this guy named Ian Thorpe. With that in mind, who will it be more fun to watch come London, Phelps or the Australians?

Phelps should either go big or go home!

From the Herald Sun:

Geoff Huegill setting his sights on Michael Phelps:

Huegill finished last year ranked second in the world to Phelps in the event. His Commonwealth Games gold medal-winning time of 51.69sec shot him to No.2 in the world in October, with only Phelps (50.65sec) above him.

"I have a good opportunity to race Phelps this year," Huegill said.

"I definitely believe he is going to be the No.1 competitor. He's the one to beat. He's the man who's got the talent, the man who's got the form. He's the one that I am ultimately looking at chasing."


"I can't be thinking too far ahead. At the moment my No.1 focus is to secure my position on the team," Huegill said. "I am really looking forward to just racing again. We're at the fun end of the stick."

If Michael Phelps felt the same way, he would be unbeatable but there is more evidence that he is not motivated rather than throughly inspired. The Australians, Thorpe and Huegill are very dedicated and the emotion is there.

Is Phelps merely swimming just to uphold the agreements in his various contracts or is he really in this to prove once again that he is still the best? I think it is the former rather than the latter. He spent last weekend opening a pool in Vegas, he posted an anemic performance at the Namesick Grand Prix; (anemic to the usual Phelps standard), and he is still forced to explain the reasons for his loses. one has to wonder does he look in the mirror and tell's himself, "I hate my job!"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The USMS is going to become more transparent with its elections!

The USMS or United States Masters Swimming is going to put candidates who are running for office on their website weeks before the election so as to allow more participation.

I like this - it will allow me to blog about it as well.

2011 House of Delegates Update

It is the practice of the Election Committee to not disclose nominee/candidate intentions prior to the close of the initial nomination period on April 30th.

However, as reported in the Board minutes of March 2, 2011, Jeff Moxie will not run for reelection as USMS President. Because of Jeff's decision, it may be assumed that other qualified members, one or more who may currently be other officers, will choose to run for president. In the event current officers run for president instead of running for reelection, there will be other open positions that may not be equally apparent to all interested individuals.

Therefore, in order to maintain a fair and transparent election process the Board approved (in their meeting on April 6th , 2011) a temporary adjustment to election policy (IV.B.5) to read: "The committee may extend the nomination period six weeks for any office which the current officer is not standing for reelection after the nomination period expires."

What this means is that soon after the initial nomination period closes, on April 30, the Election Committee will post the list of candidates on the web site and reporting all positions which have an extended nomination period. This list of positions will include any office in which the current officer is not running for reelection, regardless if other candidates are slated.In addition, the Election Committee will communicate with the House of Delegates, informing you of the positions which have an extended nomination period.

As always, we encourage you, our volunteer leadership, to consider running for higher office. And if you have any interest in running or any questions about the this adjustment or any aspect of our election process, please contact any member of our election committee.

Thank you.

Rob Copeland
USMS Election Committee Chair

Thorpe versus Phelps will be the highpoint of my Olympics if both attend!

Ian Thorpe: Working hard at a comeback.
Michael Phelps: Struggling to stay motivated.

One wears suits and ties by Armani in fancy restaurants world over, the other wears hoodies and beanies at a poker table. One of them keeps their private life as private as possible by training in seclusion and occasionally even living in seclusion, the other shows up in Vegas and is moderately accessible.

One will be attending a Royal wedding, the other opens pools and trade shows in Vegas, baby!

To see both struggling athletes go at it will be the highlight of the Olympics. If Thorpe races him in the 100-free or 200-free, I have to say the one with the most emotion will win.

You all ready know who my favorite is.

P.S. How about those tans?

Monday, April 18, 2011

The watch worn by elite combat swimmers is...

Military watches are sort of trendy right now. Some sell for as much as $11,500 such as the U-Boat Men's 1858 Thousands of Feet watch or the Bell & Ross BR03-92 Automatic Military selling used for $4,000.

Now compare those dollar amounts to what the "real" Navy SEALs wear - It is claimed that the Navy SEALs wear a Luminox Black Out SEAL which retails for $295 or about 2.5% the cost of a U-Boat Men's 1858 Thousands of Feet watch. (What a name for a watch makes you think you can dive all the way down to the bottom of the ocean.)

From a Luminox press release:

"... The Navy SEALs are issued Luminox watches, designed to be used on missions when timing is extra critical. “I have always liked Luminox watches,” North said. “You can dive with them, you can read them at night, they are rugged and they are good looking watches that flat-out perform..."

Keep in mind it is a press release. I saw a stern rebuttal to this idea and several photos of SEALs wearing different brands. Some were Casios, one was a British watch. Nonetheless, I see an opportunity here for our men in uniform

If I was a Navy SEAL, and I have no idea if this is legal or acceptable under military rules and practices, I would go to such manufacturers as: U-Boat, Bell & Ross, Lüm-Tec, Baume & Mercier and ask for a watch sponsorship. I would have my "agent" tell them I will wear your watch during deployment for a free watch and a "nominal fee" or I will wear it during my full tenure as a Navy SEAL for a bunch watches and a "huge" fee... but that is just me.

So, am I man enough to wear a Luminox Navy SEAL watch or any other military watch with jeans, to a board room, or a black tie event?The answer is no way but the "Watch Snob" explains why you're not able to either! [Ask Men - Link]

Friday, April 15, 2011

The FINA Task Force report! - It's the math, stupid!

Two readers have pointed me to the FINA Task Force report regarding the Fran Crippen death. (Thank you Rob and Mike).

I want to read it a couple more times to be sure that I have not missed anything. On a quick scan through I see that the task force offered no solutions or guidelines but rather outlined what topics need to be addressed.

To begin: The cause of death is clear: It was too damn hot, both the air and water.

So far USA Swimming is the only governing body to suggest clear rule changes such as specific water temps, GPS, and such but USA Swimming isn't the rule maker for FINA. These are just demands.

Now, here is where FINA, USA Swimming, and even event promoters are not getting the information they need most; (Warning here comes a technical sentence) - What is the coefficient of heat transfer between skin and salt water? Or, what air-to-water temp ratio is absolutely in the safe range to swim in. Engineers please?

That sentence is a mouthful but here is what it means: Mechanical engineers have lots of charts and books with exact formulas and answers in them. These formulas can tell engineers all sorts or mechanical details such as how long it takes for a ceramic cup to cool down after it has been in a pottery kiln? How long it takes for salt water to evaporate at specific air temps, even how long and how hot it has to be to make bread rise.

Now, somewhere in one of those arcane references is a water-to-air ratio that can simply state when a body overheats or goes hypothermic in either fresh water or saltwater. If none exist, which I sincerely doubt is the case, then one has to be researched.

Till then, I say pick a number that is so safe in regards to both hyperthermia and hypothermia standards that races can be conducted quite safely till a coefficient is produced.

More later.

Further update on the Mitch Ivey complaint

Susan Woessner, the Athlete Protection Officer at USA Swimming is taking the Mitch Ivey complaint very seriously and I can't emphasize that enough. I am actually impressed.

So far their preliminary investigation has found that, Noel Moran Quilici, who was Mitch Ivey's ex-wife and who was directly named in the Sports Illustrated and ESPN media passed away in 2009. It was her comments to ESPN that emphatically stated that Mitch Ivey's sex with a minor was the reason for their divorce. Though this setback has taken place, the investigation still moves forward and the results will be published once a National Board of Review completes it's business .

The fact that I have never had contact with Mitch Ivey, nor had anyone close to me in my immediate family or friends outside of it, USA Swimming is still taking this complaint seriously and I find this very refreshing.

When the results are posted after a National Bord of Review, I will post the results.

Red Bull diving in the Yucatan! - Insane diving takes place in a jungle paradise!

Red Bull does the best events:

"...The second stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Mexico's Cenote Ik Kil witnessed four rounds of aerial artistry from a platform 27.25 metres high. Standing tallest of all at the end of the competition was one Orlando Duque..."

[Here is a link to the video: Link]

More info:


Stop 2 of Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2011 goes to Orlando Duque (COL), Southampton's Gary Hunt finishes 2nd

In the green heart of the Yucatán jungle, Colombia’s Orlando Duque got a second victory under his belt. After winning the kick-off competition in Rapa Nui, the nine-time world champion once more performed outstandingly, receiving two 10s from the judges. The root-covered sacred well in the eco-archaeological park of Cenote Ik Kil, Mexico, was the stunning location for the second stop of the 2011 World Series on April 10, which inspired the world's high diving elite in a close fight for the podium. The World Series' most senior participant, Slava Polyeshchuk from Ukraine, took his first podium finish behind last year’s dominator Gary Hunt (GBR).

Tied after round one and tied after round two – the World Series champions in 2009 and 2010, Orlando Duque and Gary Hunt, battled hard in the first two heats. It was the reverse double somersault with four twists, which made the Colombian take the decisive lead in the third round. With two 10s from the judges, the highest score for a single dive (156.60pts) was once again awarded to the 36-year-old, paving the way for the second win out of two. “Last season was tough. I’d learned a couple of new dives, I had to struggle with them a little bit to make them work and get on the right side of the fine between missing the dive and doing really well. In pre-season, I focused a lot on quality and it looks like it’s paying off. I’m feeling a lot, lot better than last year. I’m happy, man,” says the Colombian who now leads the overall standings, eleven points ahead of reigning World Series champion Gary Hunt (29). The Englishman appeared more confident here in Mexico than at the first stop and finished second ahead of 44-year-old Slava Polyeshchuk. The veteran diver from Kiev (UKR) made for a new face on the podium as he very proudly paraded his trophy at the prize-giving ceremony. He succeeded in a tight battle for third place over Cyrille Oumedjkane by only 2.3 points. The Frenchman from Strasbourg performed well and claimed his highest ever World Series finish.

Gary Hunt (GBR)

I’m happy to be on the podium again but second place is not as good as first place. I felt in better shape and better form than in Rapa Nui so it’s going in the right direction. I know I’m going to return home now and train even harder. We’ve got five more stops left and I’ll give it my best shot to come back. Orlando’s not put a foot wrong and is diving really consistently.

Due to last-minute flight complications, Artem Silchenko from Russia was absent from this weekend’s competition and lost his second place in the overall standings. His position has been taken by the Brit Hunt, with the 27-year-old Russian falling back to sixth. Slava Polyeshchuk is now in third (24), followed by Cyrille Oumedjkane and Michal Navratil, both tied in fourth place (18).

27.25m of free fall from bright sunlight into a dark cave – located in the northern Yucatán Peninsula, the well of sacrifice was attributed mystical powers by the Maya. Just ten minutes north of Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a place listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, this impressive fresh water sinkhole overwhelmed the world’s twelve best high divers on their return to Cenote Ik Kil. Rookie diver Steven Lobue (USA), who impressed with a top-six finish in only his second World Series competition, was awe-struck: “It really is something special here. It’s very natural. It’s much more than I could have even imagined. Just amazing.”

For the next stop on May 22, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2011 will touch down on European soil for the first time when it arrives in Athens, Greece.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

'Daily Mail Online' fluff piece: Could man soon be able to breathe underwater?

The Mail Online has a mildly interesting article in regards to why salamanders can breathe underwater whereas a human being obviously cannot: apparently the answer is salamanders are part algae.

From the Mail Online:
In research on salamanders they found that oxygen-producing algae have bonded with their eggs so closely that the two are now inseparable.

By studying the mechanism further, they hope that the same process could be applied to humans one day too.

Read more: [Link]

The article goes deeper than I quoted above explaining how the process could be included into our own DNA. I suspect that turning a human being into a water-breathing "chimera" or sorts is highly doubtful but perhaps there is a medicine in there somewhere?

Nonetheless, it is fun to think how cool it would be to swim a 200-meter free while being able to breath anytime you wanted without losing two-tenths-of-a-second on every turn of the head to breathe.

I found this link on Elliot P.'s Facebook page.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Rayn Lochte for Gatorade, baby! - He's drinking 'Gatorade G Series FIT' product!'

Kara just sent this to me:
Ryan will be a part of a group of athlete ambassadors on the G Series FIT team, along with Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix, pro surfer Coco Ho and more. Gatorade has recognized athletes across a new variety of sports, including swimming, and developed the G Series FIT product to use before, during and after a workout.

As part of the announcement, we shot this video to give viewers an exclusive look at how Ryan stays fit and fueled in the pool...

Facebook link to come!

Mitch Ivey complaint update!

In a previous post I mentioned that I contacted USA Swimming regarding Mitch Ivey's infamous record of sexual harassment and/or sexual abuse if the press allegations I linked to are true. [See this post: Link]

I made no contact today with Ms Woessner. I called 2-or-3 times but she was away from her desk. This is the second day in a row I have missed her. We are emailing each other though and I requested to make an appointment as to when I should call but if that is not doable then we should work together by email.

I am getting discouraged.

Today I will be speaking with Susan Woessner, the Athlete Protection Officer for USA Swimming regarding Mitch Ivey!

Who is Susan Woessner? She could be our "Sharon Stone" from the movie The Quick and the Dead in regards to "gunning down" inappropriate coaches so to speak. See this blog post I wrote in October 2010 : [Link]

The crux of the conversation will be to request that Mitch Ivey be put on the banned coaches list. I suspect the problematic part of this conversation will be twofold in that Mitch Ivey was never, charged, incarcerated, or found guilty of any sexual abuse crimes that I know of. Next up is that I was never a victim nor was a family member of mine a victim, hence all we can do is ask USA Swimming to review the evidence and make a judgement.

It does not appear in the press that an actual swimmer ever complained to USA Swimming despite a preponderance of accusations, one of which includes a statement to ESPN by Noel Moran Quilici, who was Mitch Ivey's ex-wife, who emphatically states he had sex with a minor. [Link - See Poison Ivey section]

I am hoping that USA Swimming will provide insight as to why he is not on the list or to investigate and subsequently put him on the list if all the press reports are true.

As for ASCA, it is hard for me to believe that they do not know about any of these allegations nor press reports. Hence, why would they showcase his image in a "family album" of ASCA coaches so to speak?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Gel seal goggles - I love this concept!

The gel seal presumably conforms to your face rather than compressing against it like a "kraken's tentacle." (A "kraken" is a sea monster of gargantuan size that swallows ships and the like. If this was April Fools I would suggest that we lose 10,000 container ships to krakens yearly.)

Has anyone tried this goggle out? I would love a review - I currently use TYR's metalized Velocity goggle and this concept has never been done before: [Link]

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I have just made a "Formal Complaint" against Mitch Ivey at the USA Swimming website...

I have just made a "Formal Complaint" against Mitch Ivey at the USA Swimming website. I mention a preponderance of evidence in such publications as Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, ESPN, The Colorado Springs Gazette and even a divorce court preceding, that Mitch Ivey has engaged in sexual harassment and/or abuse that is summarily against USA Swimming rules and standards.

He should be a banned coach and his photo should be removed from the ASCA photo gallery.


Monday, April 04, 2011

The 'American Swimming Coaches Association' (ASCA) features banned coach Mitch Ivey in their photo album of ASCA Coaches.

This article has been updated at the bottom! Thank you, Caren, for the update!

Chris D. sent me this and I had to jump on it! The American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) features banned coach, Mitch Ivey, in its photo album of ASCA Coaches. It's the one just below a young Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman!

WOW! Obviously an oversight but what a scary one at that. If they can't effectively ban a coach from their very own website how can one trust that they can responsibly maintain a banned list of coaches in a database?

UPDATE: Caren mentioned that Ivey may have been removed from the banned list and Mike suggests he was never on it; here is what I know about the guy:

"... Mitch Ivey, the former University of Florida women’s coach who was fired in 1993 on the heels of an investigation into sexual harassment allegations and his relationships with his swimmers, one of whom, then 18, he married as a 30-year-old in 1979. ..." [Link] - The Gazette in Colorado Springs

"... The University of Florida fired its women's coach, MITCH IVEY, after a university investigation of his relationships with his swimmers. The investigation began after ESPN reporters showed up on campus three weeks ago to work on a story about Ivey's interaction with athletes..." [Link] -The New York Times

'... A recent ESPN report painted an unflattering portrait of Ivey as a world-class swim coach who got sexually involved with his athletes, some under the legal age for consent, and verbally abused others to the point of constituting sexual harassment.

ESPN's investigation prompted an internal review of Ivey's job performance by the school's legal counsel that was limited to Ivey's behavior at Florida. That investigation led to Ivey's dismissal. ..." [Link] - The Chicago Tribune

"Noel Moran Quilici, who, at 18, married Ivey, then 30, in 1979. Quilici told ESPN that she "rebuffed his sexual advances" when she was 15 but began a sexual relationship with him at age 17. At the time, she was swimming for Ivey at the Santa Clara Swim Club. Six months after their marriage she discovered his involvement with a 17-year-old swimmer and filed for divorce" [Link] - Sports Illustrated Vault

[ My apologies to Tony Young who appeared on a banned list that was featured above. He was never on a banned list and it is obvious now that the 'Swimmer's Circle," the site I reprinted the list from was in error. My apologies for blindly reprinting the list. Please see the USA Swimming banned list instead.

Here is a list on the USA Swimming site naming 46-coaches who are banned. Ivey's name is not on it: [

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Swim stars versus tennis stars!

Sony Ericsson ATP Tennis: I was enthralled over the weekend at the quality of both the players and how much tennis has changed. Maria Sharapova is definitely not hard to look at, Rafael Nadall is amazingly dexterous, good looking and "ripped" and he even played in the semifinal sets against Roger Federer wearing a Richard Mille timepiece valued at $525,000.

I was watching all of this on the Tennis Channel and during the interstitials they would feature brief segments called "bag check with [insert tennis star name goes here.]" These athletes would pull out sunglasses, rackets, sunscreen, all the stuff they are paid to pimp and talk about what they liked about them and how and when they are used.

When the commercials came on, they had one featuring Roger Federer confronted by two female TSA Airport Security officials who find a bag full of Lindt Chocolate truffles surrounded in what appears to be ice. Of course after sampling one, the two women nearly "climax" right there on the spot and then they instruct Federer that he will have to be stripped searched! Consequently I am sold and will sample some of these truffles this week.

After I saw Rafael Nadal destroy Roger Federer I went over to Maria Sharapova's website to see when she was playing next. Therein I learned that she has set up scholarships for kids in or around Chernobyl, she works extensively with a UN Charity, and that Nike takes very good care of her by flying her around in private jets. She is also sponsored by Tag Heuer; a timepiece manufacturer who also "sponsors" Leonardo DeCaprio.

These tennis athletes live amazingly fruitful lives. They spend more money and burn more carbon during a fast weekend than a swimmer can earn in several years time. Why is that? Swimmers can sell sunscreen, sunglasses, suits, goggles, yoga, apparel and even chocolate truffles but they don't. Why?

The worlds most popular sports feature trajectory physics as their premise: Baseball, basketball, football soccer, golf, tennis, etc, etc. Each sport takes an object, usually a ball of sorts, hurls it through space and time by hand or stick and ultimately has a target as the final goal. However, there are some amazingly successful sports that do not rely on the trajectory physics model such as yacht racing, formula one, skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, cycling, and more. The key component that makes theses concept sports so enticing and ultimately successful generally involves "UFO grade" equipment or equipment the public can own and go out and have some fun with. The fact that athletes therein make a lot of money inspires both kids and parents as well.

As it stands now swimming governing bodies at large will not allow swimmers to wear tech suits. Pools are far and few between and mens college swim programs are evaporating with absolutely no support whatsoever from FINA or USA Swimming. Governing bodies only care about the Olympics, they only care that they can provide a team that wins. They do not want swimming to be a professional sport. They do not want governing body competition.

Tennis gets it, swimming doesn't. When your sport starts to fade you change it. You don't wait for a "Phelps" or a "Spitz" to show up to buoy it. If wearing techsuits would get more people swimming; like it did in 2008, you do what is necessary to grow the sport. Note: have any swimmers been featured in the Huffington Post in 2010 or 2011 besides Michael Phelps? 2008 featured many swimmers especially their suit failures like Ricky Berens and Alessia Filippi. High end equipment also allowed swimmers to sell expensive suits to affluent adults. When that was taken away, so were sponsorships.

The only way for swimmers to be treated and paid as well as tennis stars is to redefine the game in a professional setting that features promoters rather than governing bodies. Promoters will change the sport not governing bodies! Clay Evans once said to me they should hold a race in the Ballagio Fountain in Las Vegas and let people bet on the racers, Make swimming a spectacle rather a boring serious of heats. He is a smart guy!

I fear that swimming will always remain an amatuer sport - governing body execs make to much money and do to little for the sport to try and make it a viable one. For instance, take a look at the college swim programs that are evaporating. What are the governing bodies doing to prevent this decay? Look at the USA Swimming Foundation which suddenly disappeared when donors immediately pulled out. Why did the donors exit so suddenly? Has that ever been explained? What about that post grad FAST program in Fullerton? Why is that suddenly being left to die on the vine? I don't know the answers but a lot of you do.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Japan Tsunami: Lost dog at sea for three weeks found atop flotsam!

From the Mail Online:
It appears almost too good to be true, but this little dog has been found alive and well adrift at sea, an astonishing three weeks after the tsunami that devastated Japan.
Members of the Japan Coast Guard came across the dog on Friday as they were conducting an aerial search of the area.

Against all the odds, the dog appears to have survived by living in a partially submerged house that had been swept out to sea.

Blueseventy enters the Formula1 circuit! - I spoke with their driver!

I spoke with their team driver, Dean Jackson, and he mentioned that it never occurred to him how efficient neoprene would be as a tire material for Formula 1 racing. He said the material stays warm, fast, and is the preferred gear for racers.

Here is the press release:
After 1 year of extensive research, blueseventy have partnered with high Profile Derby (UK) based Formula 0.5 Racing outfit, Diamond Racing.

It’s not typical to see a swimming company and motor racing outfit partner, but the relationship came after blueseventy stated looking for ways to use their world champion swim-skins, made illegal in the wake of FINA rule changes in late 2009.

Development manager Steve Nicholls commented on the relationship “ Initially we were going to work with a bicycle brand supplying this unique material for them to put into tyres, but then we realised that bicycle tyres were way too skinny and we wouldn’t use anywhere near enough material up. Someone tabled the idea of monster trucks, but we settled on the idea of car tyres.

Working with Professor N Prene, the innovative swim company developed a new rubber composite is based on a high heat covalent created rubber, dubbed butylene VS. The material is made in a unique process involving chemically dissolving an existing suits, and then pouring the liquid mixture into a tyre mold.

Nicholls states “initially we had some issues with the tyres coming apart, but after we removed the zippers from the suit prior to putting them into the tyre compound, that sorted itself out.

The company is thinking of developing the idea further and has already started a new company branch, named green30, named after the fact that 30% of the world is covered in land.

The green30 company holds a lot of potential, but Marketing Manager Dean Jackson has assured loyal blueseventy customers that it won’t take away from the focus on traditional avenues in performance swim and triathlon. “After all, 70% is a lot larger than 30%” said Jackson.

The new tyre compound will be used in the yet to be announced Formula 0.5 series, a lighter faster series based on the Format of Formula 1.

Rob of 'Rob Aquatics' got a permit from the Dept of Fish and Game to sell both sell burgers and seal skin wetsuits!

I am actually kind of offended. Apparently since the shark population is dwindling to such alarming numbers, central California now has an over abundance of harbor seals and the locals are pissed. Fisherman are having to compete with them and surfers, who the seals accidentally think their feet are fish, are accidentally biting them.

Apparently the Dept. of Fish and Games agrees.

So, the opportunist that Rob...

"...I’ve been alluding to a new venture that I’ve been working on here at Rob Aquatics for a while, and I figured it was time to finally go public! I’m going to sell wetsuits and hamburgers at the beach! I know what you’re thinking, “But Rob you can’t cook and don’t wear wetsuits, how does this make any sense?” To which I would probably say “wow good point… I should have thought this through better.” Anyways, stop raining on my parade hypothetical jerks. These won’t be just any old wetsuits and hamburgers… these are going to be made out of local, freshly caught seals and sea lions! ..."

"WD40-Time Off" - Spray on Sunscreen that reportedly repels chlorine and makes you swim faster with less drag!

A company called Swim Spray, has announced a licensing agreement with the WD-40 people for a spray-on sunscreen that, according to the literature, Reduces drag, repels chlorine, moisturizes skin, and provides SPF 80 protection and anti-fungal properties.

So I looked deeper into the ingredients making sure I wasn't actually spraying a "high rez" mineral oil on myself after getting the demo and let me say thank God for Wikipedia:

Partial list of the ingredients: "... Phenylephrine, pramoxine and hydrocortisone. Aloe vera, shark liver oil and yeast extract.

Apparently the first two ingredients are allergy related to contract the skin somewhat and the cortisone is probably uses to reduce inflammation from chlorine. the question s, would the cortisone make you test positive in a drug test?

BTW, in the top right photos of the website, what is that guy looking at? ;-)