Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The USOC to create an independent agency to investigate sexual abuse! One victim stated: "I think that's crap," said Jancy Thompson. "It's just bull-[bleep]."

Remember when USA Swimming hired all those lobbyist to defeat a Senate bill in California that would have fixed a clerical error which would have given victims of sexual abuse an extra year to seek recompense for being abused at the hands of coaches or the Catholic Church? Lobbyists paid for by USA Swimming killed it so justice could not be served and their golden wallets protected. Here are some blog post covering the subject:  [Link]

This act of greed, non-responsibility, and pride infuriated many but when the International Swimming Hall of Fame in an act of sheer impropriety decided to induct Wielgus into there "hallowed hall" this was the tipping point. Attorney Robert Allard working pro bono created a "posse" of sorts and set up a petition to have Wielgus' name withdrawn. In just a few short days he withdrew his name.

Why did he capitulate so fast, was it Nancy Hogshead smooth negotiation style, Donna de Varona's charisma? No, more likely Wielgus realized that the "Zeitgeist is a-changing." We have President Obama making speeches about college campus rape and statistics all over the headlines stating that around 1-in-5 women being sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.

Wielgus' child protection resumé on this subject are not pretty. They include a cover-up, lobbyists denying a victims' rights bill, his refusal to apologize for doing a lousy job till he was finally challenged by a petition.

One of the 19-victims named, Jancy Thompson, was asked the following question in the Orlando Sentinel and in a honest and penetrating voice she stated the following:

"...The United States Olympic Committee plans to establish an "independent agency" to investigate and rule on sexual-abuse cases involving its governing bodies of Olympic sports.

La-di-da. Not enough.

"I think that's crap," said Jancy Thompson. "It's just bull-[bleep]."

Please forgive Ms. Thompson if she sounds a tad upset. You may be too if, as Thompson alleged, your swimming coach molested you and forced you to wear a dog collar with a leash attached to it as penance for not performing up to par.

Thompson says that happened when she was 15. Now 32, she still bears the scars of abuse and humiliation, as she tries to put her life back together with once-a-week therapy sessions and a legal scrum that has gone on for four years. ..." 
I wonder? I bet the money Wielgus spent on lobbyists would have paid for a lot of therapy for Jancy and others.

I would like to organize a team (a posse) to bring the National Organization of Women into this issue and demand Wielgus resign and get USA Swimming reformed. I will keep you posted.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

CBS12 News: Possible indictment for Chuck Wielgus?

The newscaster as plain as day says the word indictment with the words "indictment possible" appearing in the lower third of the screen.

Typo or reality?

This link has the story and the video: [Link]

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Swimsuit company Calavera will show their support for young women, by launching a limited edition tattoo print collection

Here is a press release from our friend Stephanie: Swimsuit company Calavera will show their support for young women, by launching a limited edition tattoo print collection - designed by renowned artist Kim Saigh of television show LA Ink. 50% of the profits will got to the The Keep and Breast Foundation,

Here it is in it's entirety:
It's all about bikinis and boobies...and it's my great pleasure to announce the launch of CalaveraX Kim Saigh X The Keep A Breast Foundation limited edition suit launch, supporting breast cancer research and awareness.  
From today onward, surf inspired swimwear label Calavera will show their support for young women, by launching a limited edition tattoo print collection - designed by renowned artist Kim Saigh of television show LA Ink. For each suit sold, 50% of proceeds will be donated to The Keep and Breast Foundation, and their aim of raising substantial funds to support the foundation's educational recourses and work in the community.  
Two styles of the limited edition print (see images here)will be available for sale online via theUrban Outfitter’s fitness and outdoor apparel division,  Without Walls ( and the Calavera website ( To launch the collection,  Calavera will host a cocktail event and film screening at creative design agency space, Nouvelle Vague (701 Venice Boulevard, Venice, CA) on Tuesday, June 3rd, from 6pm to 8pm. 
The campaign focuses on the concept that "every woman’s body is a work of art", and to relay that idea, Calavera has created a short video filmed by renowned photographer Alberto Guglielmi portraying the story behind the limited edition tulip print. [ The video is worth a look - T.A.] Our hope is that the video will truly reflect the beauty, strength and power that women possess, both in general and with respect to dealing with cancer. Please feel free to share with video with your audiences.  

Monday, June 02, 2014

Orlando Sentinel weighs in on the stupidity of admitting Chuck Wielgus in the International Swimming Hall of Fame

Chuck Wielgus, USA Swimming, Lies to ESPN from evasquez on Vimeo.

Above is a letter from Chuck Wielgus telling a colleague via his USA Swimming email account to keep quiet about a sexual abuse complaint sent directly to Wielgus demanding that Coach Andrew King be investigated for abusing young girls such as herself. USA Swimming refused to do so, the "coach" went on to abuse other young girls before getting caught and sent to prison for life. 

Olympian Nancy Hogshead's petition along with 19-other-victims of sexual molestation has exceeded over 500-signatures since May 29th. This petition seeks to bar Chuck Wilegus from being inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. The petition is located here at - By signing it you will make a difference, a statement, an a blow to coach on athlete pedophilia. Sign it now!: [Link]

From George Diaz and the Orlando Sentinel:
"...No one is accusing Wielgus of sexual abuse. But they are adamant that he is an enabler. It's a story that resonates with the same themes as the Penn State scandal and the recurring nightmare of predatory priests coddled by the Catholic Church:

Those in position of power at USA Swimming did nothing to protect the victims nor stop the abuse. Instead, they failed to responded properly when allegations came to light, and protected the abusers with confidential settlements, weak background checks or re-assignments.

The USA Swimming Board of Directors refutes the claims of the petition, going on the defensive in much the same way it did in 2010 when an ABC News "20/20" investigation found that coaches had molested, fondled and abused dozens of young swimmers.

That report also included a speech that Wielgus gave to coaches in 2009, secretly taped, in which he says of abuse allegations against coaches: "This happens almost every week. ... One of my greatest fears is that someone is going to start linking all this together."

Your fears are confirmed, Mr. Wielgus. Good luck trying to explain it all away. ..."