Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Australians don't "talk trash" : They talk goals!

It is well known that Michael Phelps has a talent for turning negative emotions into productive results. Most notably taking "trash talk" statements and/or predictions quoted in a newspaper or a blog and using the negative feelings those words generated to inspire him rather than distract him.

At the 2011 Eric Namesnik Grand Prix held on 4/8/2011 to 4/10/2011, Michael Phelps won the 100m-fly by logging a time of 52.30 whereas last October at the Pan Pacific Championships Phelps clocked in at 50.65. Contrast that to the 2009 Fina World Championships when he swam a 49.82 motivated by the "trash talk" of Milord Cavic. (Milord Cavic also broke 50-seconds in that race.)

Digressing, Phelps didn't have such a great meet at the Namesnik Grand Prix and with the 2011 FINA World Championships justs a few months a way, is he beatable due to his lack of motivation? If so, look who is motivated: My favorite butterfly champ, Geoff Huegill and this guy named Ian Thorpe. With that in mind, who will it be more fun to watch come London, Phelps or the Australians?

Phelps should either go big or go home!

From the Herald Sun:

Geoff Huegill setting his sights on Michael Phelps:

Huegill finished last year ranked second in the world to Phelps in the event. His Commonwealth Games gold medal-winning time of 51.69sec shot him to No.2 in the world in October, with only Phelps (50.65sec) above him.

"I have a good opportunity to race Phelps this year," Huegill said.

"I definitely believe he is going to be the No.1 competitor. He's the one to beat. He's the man who's got the talent, the man who's got the form. He's the one that I am ultimately looking at chasing."


"I can't be thinking too far ahead. At the moment my No.1 focus is to secure my position on the team," Huegill said. "I am really looking forward to just racing again. We're at the fun end of the stick."

If Michael Phelps felt the same way, he would be unbeatable but there is more evidence that he is not motivated rather than throughly inspired. The Australians, Thorpe and Huegill are very dedicated and the emotion is there.

Is Phelps merely swimming just to uphold the agreements in his various contracts or is he really in this to prove once again that he is still the best? I think it is the former rather than the latter. He spent last weekend opening a pool in Vegas, he posted an anemic performance at the Namesick Grand Prix; (anemic to the usual Phelps standard), and he is still forced to explain the reasons for his loses. one has to wonder does he look in the mirror and tell's himself, "I hate my job!"


Lili said...

Huegill's Trials time is slower than Phelps' middle-of-season-grand-prix time. So what is he talking about? Plus, 'anemic' Phelps is going to win Grand Prix Series, I kid you not.

Tony Austin said...

You are only as good as your last swim... Phelps had an off meet the last time he swam. Didn't he place fourth behind Tyler Clary?

In my opinion Huegil is motivated and Phelps apparently hates his day job and has put in spotty performances as of late when you consider his general talent.

Tony Austin said...

I forgot about that!!! LOL - that is an awesome observation considering the West L.A. reference.

TedBaker said...

Here's your chance Tony: I will double our bet and state that Michael Phelps will beat both Geoff Huegill and Ian Thorpe - in any event - both this summer at Shanghai and next year in London. You in?

Tony Austin said...

I will double that bet.

TedBaker said...

Darn, that hospital going to have some nice suff in a year or so!

Tony Austin said...

It sure will, and please make sure to tell them it was a blogger in L.A. that made you do it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Why would he talk trash? His taper time is 6-tenths slower than Phelps' unrested, out of shape time. He would look stupid to talk trash, because he doesn't have a chance in Shanghai or London. Only a small handful do.

Share this story again when Huegill wins a 100 fly against anything but an anemic Commonwealth Games field. His biggest career win in an Olympic event is the 2002 SC World Champs...which are a far cry in terms of competition from even where they are now.

And the Aussie's don't talk trash? Really? Tony, look out, your bias is showing! Remember Thorpe's comments on Phelps prior to 2008?? And that's just the beginning!

Tony Austin said...

When Thorpe made his comments about Phelps unable to obtain 8-gold medals, he wasn't even swimming. He was giving an opinion. In fact, if it wasn't for Jason Lezak Phelps would only have 7-gold medals.

As for my "bias" towards Phelps: You are not reading hard enough. I have called him the greatest swimmer ever but I now feel that both his work ethic as of late and his interviews belies a guy who seemingly hates his job or at the very least rather be doing something else.

You are only as good as your last race. Phelps is racing this weekend, if he does mediocre and states the usual "this is a wake-up call, this will get me motivated, got more work to do..." Well, there you will have it.

Huegill is not the best swimmer in the world but neither is Phelps right now. I also find Huegill more respectable.

Anonymous said...

"the Australian trash talk" you make me laugh , really lol. they known for trash talking.

I remember this very same swimmer Huegil interview before Sydney 2000 , " we are number one and we are will be number one for long time" ( The US beat the Aussie 13 golds to 6 at their home water that Olympic)

Recently the new Australian 100m swimmer Magnuson said " embrace yourself" when asked what message should he give to other swimmer in the world. What a douche.. i could list some more if you like

Tony Austin said...

Yes, please do.