Friday, April 08, 2011

Today I will be speaking with Susan Woessner, the Athlete Protection Officer for USA Swimming regarding Mitch Ivey!

Who is Susan Woessner? She could be our "Sharon Stone" from the movie The Quick and the Dead in regards to "gunning down" inappropriate coaches so to speak. See this blog post I wrote in October 2010 : [Link]

The crux of the conversation will be to request that Mitch Ivey be put on the banned coaches list. I suspect the problematic part of this conversation will be twofold in that Mitch Ivey was never, charged, incarcerated, or found guilty of any sexual abuse crimes that I know of. Next up is that I was never a victim nor was a family member of mine a victim, hence all we can do is ask USA Swimming to review the evidence and make a judgement.

It does not appear in the press that an actual swimmer ever complained to USA Swimming despite a preponderance of accusations, one of which includes a statement to ESPN by Noel Moran Quilici, who was Mitch Ivey's ex-wife, who emphatically states he had sex with a minor. [Link - See Poison Ivey section]

I am hoping that USA Swimming will provide insight as to why he is not on the list or to investigate and subsequently put him on the list if all the press reports are true.

As for ASCA, it is hard for me to believe that they do not know about any of these allegations nor press reports. Hence, why would they showcase his image in a "family album" of ASCA coaches so to speak?


Anonymous said...

According to the ASCA website under Code of Ethics:
"Only a coach member of the ASCA may bring ethical charges against another coach member."

USA Swimming allows ANYBODY to make a complaint.

Tony Austin said...

What a freaking boy's club. I predict within 4-years ASCA will become the next "Schubert." A seemingly untouchable concept suddenly let go and it should be let go!

Caren said...

Is Ivey still coaching?

Caren said...

I should add... I agree that he should be on the list regardless of whether or not he is still involved with the sport today. Was just curious whether or not he found another niche. ;-)

Tony Austin said...

I Googled him and he is nowhere to be found. I suspect a name change or Identity protection.

Still looking for him.

Tony Austin said...

Hopefully it is not at a high school

surfer said...

i think it's time the leadership is added to the list. Leonard should be on it. he protects his own ...standard in law, guilt by association. "only a member can bring charges against another member." ...haha rofl.

once upon a time we did not have the information technologies we now enjoy, then it was very beneficial to have ASCA, now... it serves no necessary purpose.

Anonymous said...

I am a relative of a female swimmer who's life was terribly affected due to Mitch's inappropriate actions. He should be banned.

Tony Austin said...

The victim, as painful as it sounds, has to get him banned. All I can do is report and comment.

If he is coaching somewhere I would like to know and I would do a post on it and link to every thing I could fine regarding the events that took place.