Friday, April 15, 2011

Further update on the Mitch Ivey complaint

Susan Woessner, the Athlete Protection Officer at USA Swimming is taking the Mitch Ivey complaint very seriously and I can't emphasize that enough. I am actually impressed.

So far their preliminary investigation has found that, Noel Moran Quilici, who was Mitch Ivey's ex-wife and who was directly named in the Sports Illustrated and ESPN media passed away in 2009. It was her comments to ESPN that emphatically stated that Mitch Ivey's sex with a minor was the reason for their divorce. Though this setback has taken place, the investigation still moves forward and the results will be published once a National Board of Review completes it's business .

The fact that I have never had contact with Mitch Ivey, nor had anyone close to me in my immediate family or friends outside of it, USA Swimming is still taking this complaint seriously and I find this very refreshing.

When the results are posted after a National Bord of Review, I will post the results.

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