Monday, April 18, 2011

The watch worn by elite combat swimmers is...

Military watches are sort of trendy right now. Some sell for as much as $11,500 such as the U-Boat Men's 1858 Thousands of Feet watch or the Bell & Ross BR03-92 Automatic Military selling used for $4,000.

Now compare those dollar amounts to what the "real" Navy SEALs wear - It is claimed that the Navy SEALs wear a Luminox Black Out SEAL which retails for $295 or about 2.5% the cost of a U-Boat Men's 1858 Thousands of Feet watch. (What a name for a watch makes you think you can dive all the way down to the bottom of the ocean.)

From a Luminox press release:

"... The Navy SEALs are issued Luminox watches, designed to be used on missions when timing is extra critical. “I have always liked Luminox watches,” North said. “You can dive with them, you can read them at night, they are rugged and they are good looking watches that flat-out perform..."

Keep in mind it is a press release. I saw a stern rebuttal to this idea and several photos of SEALs wearing different brands. Some were Casios, one was a British watch. Nonetheless, I see an opportunity here for our men in uniform

If I was a Navy SEAL, and I have no idea if this is legal or acceptable under military rules and practices, I would go to such manufacturers as: U-Boat, Bell & Ross, Lüm-Tec, Baume & Mercier and ask for a watch sponsorship. I would have my "agent" tell them I will wear your watch during deployment for a free watch and a "nominal fee" or I will wear it during my full tenure as a Navy SEAL for a bunch watches and a "huge" fee... but that is just me.

So, am I man enough to wear a Luminox Navy SEAL watch or any other military watch with jeans, to a board room, or a black tie event?The answer is no way but the "Watch Snob" explains why you're not able to either! [Ask Men - Link]

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