Friday, April 01, 2011

Rob of 'Rob Aquatics' got a permit from the Dept of Fish and Game to sell both sell burgers and seal skin wetsuits!

I am actually kind of offended. Apparently since the shark population is dwindling to such alarming numbers, central California now has an over abundance of harbor seals and the locals are pissed. Fisherman are having to compete with them and surfers, who the seals accidentally think their feet are fish, are accidentally biting them.

Apparently the Dept. of Fish and Games agrees.

So, the opportunist that Rob...

"...I’ve been alluding to a new venture that I’ve been working on here at Rob Aquatics for a while, and I figured it was time to finally go public! I’m going to sell wetsuits and hamburgers at the beach! I know what you’re thinking, “But Rob you can’t cook and don’t wear wetsuits, how does this make any sense?” To which I would probably say “wow good point… I should have thought this through better.” Anyways, stop raining on my parade hypothetical jerks. These won’t be just any old wetsuits and hamburgers… these are going to be made out of local, freshly caught seals and sea lions! ..."

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hydroG said...

will he be franchising?!!!