Thursday, October 18, 2007

Female swimmer searches to this blog are widely more popular than male swimmers

I was going through Google Analytics checking out what is the most popular content on our site here for the past six months or so and yet again, the girls come up as the most searched for items. My number one male swimmer for the period is Ian Thorpe and than Phelps.

Amanda Beard is in the stratosphere and can literally double hits to a site if you use the words Amanda and Nude in the same sentence. Kate Ziegler is the biggest right now and so is Katie Hoff. Laure Manaudou and Natalie Coughlin score below Michael Phelps but even relatively unknown women's swimmers such as Keri Hehn do very well. Former swimmers women's swimmers such as Janet Evans and Sippy Woodhead are searched up often as well

I also get funny search strings from the Google and Yahoo keyword traffic such as: Nude swimming in southern California, Dara boobs, Dara Torres bikini, Laure-Manaudou-see- through-bathing-suit, nude Ian Thorpe etc. As funny as these are, women's names come up the most. That really surprised me since the ads for Speedo and TYR seem male centric.

I have been getting a lot of searches with Amy Van Dyken and the word steroids/Balco connected with it as well. (Hope they are not their lawyers.)

Open water is HUGE! People want to know about races, race news and technique.

Then there is people searching up shoulder and heart articles. Shoulders more than anything. I think i should ad a link to shoulder rehab in the links section.

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