Friday, October 12, 2007

Email Alert from 'Swimming World': Kate Ziegler sets new WRs?

Kate Ziegler may have set a new world record in both the 800 and the 1500 SCM whose records were was previously held by Laure Manaudou if this news report is correct.

Here is a link to the news report at Lane 9 News: [Link]

I would have included a photo of Kate Ziegler but no photographer at will allow it, consequently, enjoy the loss of brand equity and facial recognition, Kate!

I have posted a photo of Laure Manaudou instead who is seen above smiling and wearing my favorite swim brand. This pleasant photo was taken from guyomedw's photostream at Here is a direct link to the photo: [Link]

From Swimming World news alert:

Kate Ziegler Breaks 800, 1500 Free Short Course Meter World Records in Germany
ESSEN, Germany, October 12. ACCORDING to a post on the SG Essen web site, Kate Ziegler added to her world record total with a pair of short course meter global standards at the Alex Athletics Challenge in Essen, Germany.

Ziegler clocked a time of 8:09.68 in the 800 free to lower the previous standard of 8:11.25 set by Laure Manaudou of France in Trieste, Italy on Dec. 9, 2005.

Ziegler also captured the 1500 free world record with a time of 15:32.90 to demolish the previous record of 15:42.39 set by Manaudou in La Roche-sur-Yon, France on Nov. 20, 2004.

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Jason said...

Just posted the complete results. It's confirmed. Also, we fleshed out our initial coverage quite a bit.