Friday, October 26, 2007

Go Swim is posting swim tech videos to Brightcove

Rumor has it that Glenn Mills, of Go Swim had a lot to do with the Total Immersion school of thought Well, Mr. Mills has posted swim tutorial videos to Brightcove; 130 to be exact, and they are all FREE! Above is a flip turn tutorial with lots of suggestions as to how to make the turn your

He was a very accomplished swimmer; ( won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles), [Oops!] Who won the US Olympic Trials in 1980 in the 200 breast; (the year Jimmy Carter decided we should boycott the Moscow Olympic Games), and became an NCAA champion in the 200 breast in 1983.

Here is a link to his Brightcove page with over a 130 video listings: [Link]

Here is a link to the Go Swim website: [Link]


Anonymous said...

Glenn Mills didn't even swim in the 1984 Olympics. He was a 1980 US Olympic Trial winner.

Tony Austin said...

ooops! I made the correction.