Monday, October 22, 2007

Great open water article regarding Mark Warkentin's win at the 2007 Open Water Championship Trials

The photo above is of Erica Rose and Mark Warkentin, who are both the current women's and men's 2007 U.S. Open Water National Champions in the 25K distance!

I took this photo from the TYR website; (which is my favorite swim brand), since I couldn't find a photo at Over the weekend Mark Warkentin won the 2007 World Championship Open Water Swimming Trials. A top ten finish at the Championship next year in Spain will guarantee him a spot on the US Olympic team

The word "great" is such an overused adjective that it has now become a meaningless cliché. So, when I say this article is great, I mean grand, big, excellent, exceeding expectations et cetera

This article is a play-by-play of the
2007 World Championship Open Water Swimming Trials written by Steven Munatones who was observing from the lead boat. Therein he writes about the swim strategy of Mark Warkentin, the swimming formations and the personalities.

Here is a snippet: "...

The field started off strong, heading straight into a slight surface chop and slight morning sun's glare. Swimming past numerous multi-million-dollar mansions surrounding the lake, the field formed into a classic European pack with everyone jockeying positions, hitting feet and hands, muscling around or away from others. Many of the pre-race favorites quickly found themselves in the front of the pack: Fran Crippen, Chip Peterson, Chad La Tourett and Noa Sakamoto.

But, there was one conspicuous absence: Mark Warkentin. Where was Mark? Pulling up the rear. Was this the same Mark who likes to lead? Sure was, swimming calmly and smoothly at the caboose. ..." [Link]

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