Monday, October 22, 2007

Grant Hackett tells Elka Graham to name the swimmer who tried to seduce her into taking PEDs

Elka Graham is Australian swimmer/Olympian who silver medaled in the Sydney Olympics in the 4x200 free relay. She was accomplished enough to swim in the Athens Olympics as well.

Elka Graham is quite a personality down under appearing in such TV fair as "Dancing with the Stars," and a TV show called "Glass House" among others.

Graham recently wrote an article stating that she was offered performance enhancing drugs by a teammate while training for the Athens Olympics but that she refuses to name this person. Grant Hackett has subsequently made a statement that she should name this person and Ian Thorpe suggest the same thing as well. Australian Swimming is now talking about launching a probe into her allegations and wants that name. Elka is remaining silent.

It was an ill advised or a plain stupid accusation for Graham to make and she has no recourse but to remain silent for anyone she implicates will simply deny the allegation; (if the doping offer even took place), and with no proof whatsoever other than her own word, she will be placed in a lawsuit she can't win. This allegation should have been made in 2004 ONLY!

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