Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Russian Swimmer Arkady Vyatchanin to switch nationalities!

Arkady Vyatchanin is a Russian backstroker  currently involved in a spat with with Russian Swimming. Their disagreements have gotten so bad that Vyatchanin had this to say: "I believe that I can offer nothing else to Russian swimming,” [...] “I will continue my swimming performances but not as a Russian athlete any more. I will decide which country's team to join in the near future."

I don't expect Vyatchanin to swim for the US despite that he trains here in Florida. I suspect he will offer himself up like a "free agent" and swim for a country that offers the most opportunities. The United Arab Emirates, perhaps?

I commend him for his decision - I would have no problem with American athletes doing likewise if it meant that they could finally take care of their families and/or support themselves.
From the Daily Times:

MOSCOW: Two-time Olympic medal winner Arkady Vyatchanin has decided to quit swimming for Russia and represent another country, the Allsport news agency reported Monday.


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