Thursday, April 11, 2013

USA Swimming "foe" Robert Allard is representing the family of a girl who committed suicide after being gang-raped!

For a recap, Robert Allard is also representing Dia Rianda in her wrongful termination against the Golden West Swim Club. He has represented several victims even one who suffered at the hands Rick Curl. He has been instrumental in getting severely immoral and sexually abusive coaches on the banned list at USA Swimming too.

I read this in the L.A. Times today:
"... The lawyer for the girl’s family, Robert Allard, said students shared photos of the attack on cellphones. The girl posted on Facebook that her life was ruined and that she was going through her “worst day ever” shortly before she committed suicide, he said. ..."

Anybody who says Robert Allard defends sexual abuse victims just for the money is WRONG!


Anonymous said...

Tony - several victims who suffered at the hands of Rick Curl. Please elaborate. This is news and who are the other victims beside Kelley Currin.

Tony Austin said...

I will correct my grammatical error.