Monday, April 08, 2013

New drama in the Dia Rianda lawsuit against the Golden West Swim Club (GWSC), Mark Schubert and Bill Jewell

For an overview of Dia Rianda's lawsuit, here are several posts on the subject: [Link]

I am providing a link below for download, a government claim filed last Friday by Dia's representation; (read that as a precursor to a lawsuit), is seeking damages against Golden West College and its President Wes Bryan for defamation.

When the lawsuit broke, Wes Bryan decided to do an immediate investigation into Dia's claim and ultimately exonerated Schubert and Jewell completely. Ironically, or more likely intentionally, when Bryan conducted this investigation, he forgot to or never intended to interview Dia Rianda.

Imagine the police investigating a crime but refusing to interview the victim? There is a police term for that, it is called, "The fix is in."

If you recall, late last year the LA Times and Swimming World reported that Schubert and Jewell had been exonerated as mentioned above. Well apparently the purpose of this investigation by Golden West College and its President Wes Bryan was to help Schubert and Jewell call into doubt Dia Rianda's credibility.

So, since the the fix looks like it is apparently in, guess who gets invited to a deposition by Dia's lawyers? "Alex, I will take Wes Bryan for $500."

More information was gleaned from Bryan's deposition late last month. He was actually given an opportunity to issue a public apology to Dia Rianda but his attorneys; (plural), said they could not meet the Friday deadline. Hence, this government claim was filed to protect Rianda's right to sue a government agency for defamation.

I am making this government claim available for download here: [Link]

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