Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coachella Music Festival has a swimming pool but it is just a ‘mirage’

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival arrives every springtime in southern California and music critics could argue it has been our "Woodstock West" for the past 15-years.

Some of the art is really fun; like this mirage-like swimming pool.

From the Press International:
"... More from a news release: “To bring this immersive 3D projection to life, Pearl Media Productions will use a total of 21 26K HD Barco projectors, eight media servers and utilize a total of 12 zones of HD projection. The result is a breathtaking, full 360-degree ever-changing immersive experience. Pearl Media Productions not only designed the video system, but created more than 330 separate HD files for this installation. They will use 18 gigs of custom created content and more than 70 facets of individual video over the course of the six-day festival.” ..." 

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