Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nicole Gross a victim at ground zero of the Boston Marathon swan for UT - She needs help and donations for surgeries! Please Help NOW!

Nicole Gross a victim at ground zero of the Boston Marathon swan for UT. On the cover of the Daily News she was featured surrounded by blood in an obvious state of shock and a severely traumatized ankle that will require surgeries; plural!

Her sister Erika Brannok lost a leg and we must take care of our own be they swimmers or Americans. We MUST step up and help. I donated $100, donate what you can.

The family has set up a website for donations so that Nicole and her friend can get the repair they need. I strongly urge you to donate.

From the Be Strong Stay Strong website:
"... The mission of Be Strong Stay Strong is to provide financial assistance for any and all current and future needs to the Gross family, including Erika Brannok, as a result of physical and mental injuries incurred at the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013..." 

From Swimming World:
Gross sustained a fractured leg and ankle, while her sister Erika Brannock had to undergo a partial amputation of one of her legs according to the Charlotte Observer. The two had been at the finish line in anticipation of welcoming their mother, Carol Downing, once she finished the race. 
A fundraising site has been created to help counter the costs of the medical bills currently being accumulated to help Gross and Brannock. The site, named "Be Strong Stay Strong" is public, but will not be fully functional to process funds until Friday. To help Gross and Brannock financially, please visit 

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