Saturday, April 18, 2015

I am reopening the blog - I am back.

Hello all, just back from the "netherworld" of depression, art, and accomplishment. The trip to "hell and back" was painful, eventful, and profitable. (Would have gladly traded the profits for happiness tough.)
Trevor and I at TouchCommerce helped build a chat application for AT&T that has been used hundreds of thousands of times in the past month, (Not allowed to say the number but it is huge). We did another for Virgin Mobile UK & Virgin Mobile France Working on two more for two high profile clients.

I have created about 70 fine art pieces while I was away using a digital media medium called "Fractal Flame" (see some of the images above). I am building as many as a 100 pieces and they will select 15 for a show.

I will be doing the swim portion of a triathlon relay for a CBS affiliate in the fall, Alcatraz and Pier to Pier swims.

The situational depression is still ongoing but I will keep chasing that "happiness carrot" till two particular problems are solved. Thanks for listening.

P.S. Who is G. K. Austin II?  — A really snarky blogger, swimmer, artist, designer, a descendant of British kings, southern Italian "business men" and a mother and father that did the best they could for him despite their deficits.


Anonymous said...

Ánimo, Tony, tú puedes... piensa en los que están peor, por ejemplo aquí en España, nos van a dar los óleos y aún así: jajaja... regards, my friend.

M Palota said...

Glad you're back and stay well. I'm a fellow sufferer and I know how awful it feels. We have it but it doesn't define us.

And those damm suits aren't coming back!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Lucy said...

Welcome back. Love the uniqueness of the new art!