Thursday, April 26, 2007

FINA will not ratify Libby Lenton's world record in the 100 free

Libby Lenton's world record in the 100 free set while racing against Michael Phelps in the Mutual of Omaha's Duel in the Pool meet; (Featured above), won't be ratified because a mixed relay is not sanctioned by FINA. Snippet from Swimming World:
  • MELBOURNE, Australia, April 26. ACCORDING to reports from Swimming Australia, FINA has decided that Libby Lenton's 52.99 clocked as the lead leg of Australia's mixed 400 meter freestyle relay at the Duel in the Pool earlier this month will not be ratified. Therefore, the 53.30 set by Germany's Britta Steffen last summer still stands as the top mark.
  • According to the Swimming Australia release FINA Executive Director Cornel Marculescu contacted Swimming Australia Limited CEO Glenn Tasker with the news and quoted FINA rules GR [Link]

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