Monday, April 23, 2007

Mike Freshley swim quotes

Mike Freshley is a 65-year-old age grouper and he can do a 50 fly in 27 seconds? I can't. Here are some quotes of his:

"Before 50, swimming is optional," he says. "After 50, it's mandatory."

"Show me a 70-year-old swimmer and he looks like 50, he maintains, but a 70-year-old runner, he looks like 90."


Daniel Slosberg said...

Thanks for posting the Freshley quotes. I turn 50 in a month; and just within the last year I've realized that swimming is, for many reasons, no longer optional.

I also just recently discovered your blog, and it quickly became one of the few sites I visit daily. Thanks for all the aquatic inspiration. (By the way, I'm a SCAQ swimmer too -- Westwood a.m. M-Th, Culver a.m. Fri, LMU or VNSO a.m. Sat.)

Tony Austin said...

Thank you I am stoked. I will be 50 in September. I started swimming about 2 1/2 years ago after nearly drowning during the Alcatraz Sharkfest swim. (That motivated me to stop swimming on my own.) Last year I finished 87th out of 960 swimmers all because of our swim club.

I swim at half the places you mentioned so we will meet soon.