Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back from the pier-to-pier swim with Anthony - That was a hard swim

Anthony stormed it! He beat me to the beach by 2-minutes-plus; the guy has a "Ferrari" for a heart. It was a difficult swim today; foggy, moderate swell and a high tide.

We started off with a pod of other swimmers, some wearing L.A. Tri caps so I figured we would drop them since triathletes focus their attention on three sports rather than one. Two-miles later when I was coming into shore I switched to an occasional backstroke to make sure a surprise wave wouldn't overtake me. As soon as I go into backstroke-mode I see that same pod of swimmers a body length behind me. When I get to the beach it turns out several of them were SCAQ swimmers; I didn't recognize any of them since SCAQ is a huge club, but Anthony did.

I brought my camera but I forgot to take pictures.

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