Friday, May 18, 2007

Blog Friend, "the 17th man," swam this morning

Update: Joel is going to have some "'splaining to do, Lucy" about the 200 free.

2007 USMS Short Course Yards Championships: Joel did the 100 fly in 1:00.58. Here is his split time: 28.33 - 1:00.58, coming back in 32.25 which is a really strong second 50. Here are the results so far today:

#5 Men 100 Fly
#6 Women 100 Fly


Joe / the17thman said...

I blew it! I was so off my first 50. Maybe I had one glass of wine too many last night! I'm scratching the 200 free and going to do a relay

Tony Austin said...

Glass of wine the night before a race? Sheesh! You are suppose to drink it before the race! ;-)

Dude, you swam with a ttough crowd today. Good luck in the 200