Saturday, May 12, 2007

A brainless editorial over at FOX Sports regarding Amanda Beard posing naked for Playboy

Article Title: The naked truth: Beard not hurting sports by Michael Rosenberg [Link]

The author sets up a "straw-man" argument stating that critics believe Amanda Beard is hurting women's sports by posing nude. Then the [...] author knocks his "straw-man" down with an anemic conclusion which summarily concludes that since Amanda will not be the prettiest model in Playboy, individuals will buy the magazine because Amanda Beard has been a sports star for the past 11 years, ergo, her sport is the focal point not her nudity.

I am one of the few out in the wilderness of public opinion who feel this is nothing short of a "skanky" business decision on her part. I think it will distract attention away from Kate Ziegler', Natalie Coughlin, Katie Hoff' and other US Olympians in 2008 since the focal point in Beijing will be Amanda Beard's nude body in Playboy rather than the accomplishments of the US Women's Swim Team.



Joel said...

Does nudity help sports? Quick answer NO! As a gay swimmer do I want to see Michael Phelps Naked? No! Ian Thorpe? Maybe.

Overall I think Playboy/girl brings a quick blip in the interest in any sport but in the long term serves nothing.

Tony Austin said...

LOL Thorpie lives in your neighborhood too.

If I see him at the "In and out burger" again on Van Nuys Bl, near Ventura Blvd, I will give him your URL ;-)

(For those outside of California, Yes, California DOES have a burger chain called "In and Out!" Seriously!)

The song goes,

In and out
In and out
That's what a Hamburger
Is all about!

Actually I would like to see them all nude in sculpture - except for Phelps. yuk.

Anonymous said...

You're right. In fact, you were being kind. Anemic? More like pathetic. I'm a guy and I will admit I like to see naked women. I can assure you it's not "Amanda the athlete" that Playboy readers wanted to see. It's "Amanda the hardbodied babe." Non-swimmers aren't searching for articles about her technique or training regimen online. They're searching for nekkid pictures, period.

Tony Austin said...

And I bet you look like it one of those non-swimmers searching for "nekkid" pictures instead of swim technique articles or "training regimens."