Thursday, May 17, 2007

FINA won't accept Libby Lenton's world record, Lenton appeals

Libby lenton raced Michael Phelps as part of a mixed relay at the Mutual of Omaha's Duel in the Pool Swim Meet. This meet had pitted the United States against Australia in a swimming spectacle that was fun to watch. Therein Libby Lenton got to swim a 100 free against Michael Phelps as the lead-off swimmer. Subsequently, she swam under the world record mark but the international swimming body, FINA, will not recognize it. (See Lenton break the womens 100m free record in the video above.)

FINA's reasons: it wasn't a FINA sanctioned event and she raced side-by-side with one of the fastest men on earth . Well, Libby feels wronged and wants her record acknowledged. Hence, she has hired a lawyer to appeal the FINA decision. (I have to side to FINA on this one.) [Link]

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trev said...

I don't think the psychological advantage of pacing off of the world's fastest swimmer is enough to deny world record-holder status for Libby... But the fact that she was able to draft off of him does provide a pretty substantial physical advantage. This is a tough call...