Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Google Trends: Amanda Beard is as big or bigger than Michael Phelps in some cities and regions

Google has a tool called Google Trends and you can compare one trend; (or trends), against the other or others just by typing two or three trends together and separating them with a comma. Such as this trend search: "Britney Spears, Paris Hilton".

Google Trends will tell you who is being search for the most and then provide a comparison graph for different regions, cities and languages.

In our imaginary search of Britney and Paris, Britney is huge in Latin America whereas Paris is big in Los Angeles. (Who knew!?!)

Next, I did a trend-search comparing Amanda Beard to other notable female swimmers such as Natalie Coughlin, Kate Ziegler and Katie Hoff and on a lark I threw in Michael Phelps in the mix for an extreme trend result.

I did this trend-search to see if it would validate my premise that Amanda Beard's decision to pose nude in Playboy will put media attention upon Beard's naked breasts or lack thereof instead of the accomplishments of the US women's team.

Though the trends favor Michael Phelps, Beard is searched for more than Phelps in countries like Australia, Spain, and Italy, and even in cities like Tucson, and Indianapolis. The only other swimmer that registers is Natalie Coughlin and she is barely a blip. It is a de facto shame because Natalie has proven to be a better swimmer this past year.

Upon viewing these stats, I now wonder if Beard's soft porn stunt will hurt both the brand equity or even the integrity of the US women's team since Beard will be the focal point rather than the women's team accomplishments. Obviously Beard disagrees or does not care.

The trend graph can be seen here: [Link]

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Strider said...

Um... I'm ethnically Italian and therefore genetically a boob man. But I must say that it is Amanda's eyes which I find most attractive, but she is overall the most attractive babe in swimming these days.

Having said all that, given that I do not care about swim sports,the relevant issue of Playboy is not available here yet in Australia.