Monday, May 14, 2007

The Laure Manaudou "drama" extends into the 200 Backstroke event.

Laure Manadou has left her French coach back in France and has adopted an Italian coach in Italy. (If you have saw the earlier post where I discuss him, you will not that he is a snappy dresser) Her nationality remains French but her training ethos is Italian. Ultimately this is the moral equivalent of South African swimmer, Roland Schoeman, training in the United States. It no big deal to me and I wish him well for it reflects well for my country.

I don't know what the French think of this but according to Swim News Online that Laure Manaudou has avoided swimming the 200 back because her former training partner, Esther Baron, swam that event. Now that Manaudou is free from the socio/politico issues with her former coach, Philippe Lucas, she will challenge the 200m backstroke world record at the behest of her new coach and snappy dresser, Paolo Penso. This record was set in 1991 by Krisztina Egerszegi in a time of 2:06.91 Let it be known that Laure Manaudou has a sub one-minute 100m Backstroke. Article snippet:
    Paolo Penso, the new coach of Laure Manaudou, has thrown the gauntlet back at former coach Philippe Lucas: On June 1 in Modena, the world and Olympic champion freestyler will extend her repertoire to 200m backstroke, over which former Canet teammate and friend Esther Baron is European champion.

    The move, announced in L'Equipe today, comes a day after Lucas cast doubts over the ethical welfare of his former star and suggested that he was ready to "destabilise" Manaudou in time for the Beijing Olympic Games by helping other women swimmers match her speed and tactics on freestyle. [Link]

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