Thursday, May 10, 2007

Meet the new Laure Manaudou, the one in the middle standing next to the old Laure Manaudou

Her name is Kate Ziegler and she is the new Laure Manaudou. Laure Manaudou will zero out her aerobic ability to that of an average mortal in three months time if she doesn't keep swimming. I suspect it would take weeks for her move her stuff, get the coach she wants, a pool she likes, and a routine that is as productive as it needs to be to perform at that level.

If she didn't move for love, then she should have come to Los Angeles and trained with me... err, or Dave Salo at USC. No one would have cared who she was and the focus could have been more centered.

For now the new number one women's distance swimmer is Kate Ziegler. Here is her bio from US Swimming: [Link]

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