Friday, May 25, 2007

OGO Water has 35% more oxygen it! - The internet told me it will make me swim faster!

I am a sucker for a good design and if it can spin a fairly tale that plays up to a personal internal bias that I possess, I will join that cult and buy that product!

Meet OGO water. A bottled water product export from the top of planet geographically known as Norway, home to such gods as TYR, Thor and Odin, comes a water with 35% more oxygen in it then boring old earth water. Subsequently, with all this added O2 in it, one should be able to swim faster, run harder and jump higher, right?

Well, if this were true, that your body could absorb extra O2 through hydration, then why do cyclists blood dope with Epogen or EPO when they could insert more O2 into their blood via a water product? The answer to this rhetorical question is NO; we are not fish and we don't absorb O2 that way.

Airated water with added O2 is viable and makes the water pleasant to drink and swim in but it's not part of the plan when it comes to oxygenating yourself.

Also, as one Gizmodo blog comment put it so eloquently: "... I agree with your hypothesis that no product can be truly useful in a package that pretty?" [Link]

With having said all the above: Hey, look at it, it's beautiful and looks like a drop of water. It also appeals to my personal internal bias so I am going to buy a guppy jug worth and swim faster than all of you. You will see and I will also review it here. For now, here is a snippet from the PDF:

  • Produced by The O-Company in the Netherlands, OGO is also popularly known as “The Breathing OGO Oxygen Water is obtained from a local natural spring water source in the Netherlands and around 35 times more oxygen compared to regular water. Verve Brands LLC, an importer of international brands based in Memphis, Tennessee, has been awarded the exclusive appointment and market OGO Oxygen Water in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean Islands.

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