Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Phelps factor: Elite New Zealand swimmer getting coached in America

Moss Burmester is a Commonwealth Butterfly champion from New Zealand. He has been swimming with Michael Phelps lately and it shows. Down under in OZ, Moss competed in a meet called the Telstra Grand Prix in Brisbane with no taper at all. Just showed up and swam. Consequently, he won his best event; the 200 fly, after doing three grueling weeks swimming along side Michael Phelps.

I wish they would post one of his workouts but look at these two sets Bowman had them do:

Kick: 10 x 100's LCM on the 1:50 (Then one more as a time trial.) Phelps: 1:03, Burmester: 1:07
Sprint 40 x 50s on a short rest [Link]

Another example of why it is acceptable to train in other countries. France and Itlay shold take note.

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