Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Scary headline out of Australia: "Everybody out of the pool, cricket has bowled us over"

Cricket is now the the favorite sport of Australia. Snippet:
  • According to a nationwide survey, cricket has engaged the hearts of 59 per cent of the population, surpassing swimming at 57 per cent and Australian rules with 56 per cent.
  • The latest edition of the Sweeney sports report revealed that for the first time in the survey's 21-year history, cricket eclipsed swimming, which has been rated as the most popular or equally most popular sport (with Australian rules) since 1991. [Link] [More] [Even more] [Still more]
The ice skating fan base has dissipated so much that world championship events can barely find sponsors to advertise or even venues to skate in. Contrast this to how well the sport was adored in the previous decades where champions like Dorothy Hamill, Oksana Baiul, Michelle Kwan, and Scott Hamilton were household names; the public has lost interest. This is even effecting such sports as tennis, hockey and even running. I would hate to see swimming go under the radar in Australia.

This planet needs a "Youth Olympics" to get kids intersted in sports, away from the TV and socializing in "real life" rather than 2nd Life. Here is a link to an article that states a Youth Olympics may take place in 2010: [Link]

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