Saturday, May 05, 2007

What a meet: Team Tyr stormed 2 national records and SCAQ did great!

UCLA Bruin Masters Meet short recap: Team TYR; (this blogs favorite brand), set two National records in both the 400-yard freestyle relay and the 800-yard freestyle relay. After I filmed the 400 relay, I turned to a girl with strawberry-blond hair sitting behind me and I ask if they broke the record, she relied, "Yes, by 8 seconds." I am deaf in my left ear so I asked her to repeat it and she said, "8 seconds." When your deaf you get yelled in an exasperated fashion if you ask people to repeat something too many times so I cheerfully acknowledged and walked away thinking I must have heard one-eighth-of-a-second since 8 seconds is HUGE!

When I bumped into Dan Leonard I asked him if they broke the record by an eighth-of-a-second, he said, "No!, it was 8 seconds." ...That's HUGE!

Michael Phelps, Amanda Beard, and Ian Crocker are signed with Team "Speedo." However, Michael Phelps swims in Michigan, Amanda Beard at USC, and Ian Crocker in Texas with Eddie Reese. There is no Team Speedo pool where they all get Speedo coaching and swim inside Speedo water. The same goes with Team TYR.

I can say with certainty that these Team TYR members: Dan, Erik, and Scott, swim, and/or coach at my swimming club, Southern California Aquatics. I appreciate their accomplishments, their advice and it was thrilling watching them do it.

I didn't get to meet "the 17th man" but I did see his 100 fly time and his 100 fly beat my 100 free time by a second. Go look at his blog for details including his insane workouts. Support swim blogs by visiting their sponsors too.

My personal times were slow today, I blame it on a lousy warm-up and a couple of silly mistakes. I still had fun though.

A UCLA Bruin Masters Meet movie is coming!!!


Joel / the17thman said...

Hey Tony! Thanks for the shout out! How did you do?

I think I saw you but between my iPod and then the partner showing up to cheer me on I was in my own world!

Tony Austin said...

I think I have a snippet of you swimming.