Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Will Manaudou swim at the Olympics?

The French election is this weekend I believe. In France they have one guy on the right; (Nicolas Sarkozy), who his critics have dubbed "the American"; which I suppose is considered to be a nasty insult in France. Then you have Segolene Royal, who is easy to look at but actually praised the efficiency of the Chinese legal system and said it with a straight face. [Link]

As of now, Segolene is still considering a boycott of the Olympics and she is gaining in the polls. [Link]

Update: This from the debate coverage, "I don't think the French choose a president on the lone impression that they'll have after a two-hour debate," Hollande told France-Inter radio Wednesday before the television appearance.

[Tony's take: Americans do it the "American Way"! We take 2 minutes if it is a really good TV commercial.]

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