Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beijing Water Cube will get a test swim in February

The Water Cube will get a test drive in February '08 where it will stage a "national swimming event." [Link]

According to the Telegraph UK, 300,000 Beijing residents were "relocated" to make way for this Olympic endeavor. To put that into perspective, imagine relocating all the residents of Pasadena, Altadena and Claremont, California and that still you would be 70-thousand short of matching the Beijing population relocation: [Link]

Ironically it will be western architecture rather than eastern designs that will be the showcase of these Olympic games so as to illustrate China's modernity. This article by the Herald tribune talks up pollution fears and how grand the architecture will be in representing China's future. [Link]

I found the above image in Mat Booth's photostream at Flickr.com I chose this "in progress" photo due to it's raw feeling versus the slick renderings and post modernist landscapes featured in the promo images. It also features the "Bird's Nest" or the Beijing Olympic Stadium where the track events and field events will take place.

On a personal note, there has been no pool better than the Munich Olympic pool. I am hoping London can at least match it but due to the lack of glass therein, Munich will remain number one with me.

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