Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Clay Evans just sent me this - It puts Kate Ziegler's swim in perspective

[Don] Schollander averaged only 1:04.1 to win the 1964, 400m in a 4:12+.

Burton averaged only 106.5 to win the 1968, 1500m with Kinsella averaging 107.8 for the silver.

They seemed like Gods to me back then but so slow now. I think in my prime with some more distance free I could have done those times? I think I made 7 out of a set of 10 x 100 @ 1:10 meters in 1980 and that was in a workout when I was going for only the 100 fly. Strange.

Kate Ziegler would kill them all. As a matter of fact she would "LAP" Burton and Kinsella in a 100 meter pool if we threw her back to the 1968 Olympics 1500m free. Think about that! WOW! Girl laps men and wins by over 100m. Looking at Masters, 45 year old Masters swimmer gets silver to Burton circa '68 by only 4 seconds in 1500m. 40-year-old men win gold by 10 seconds in 68. How is it possible? McConica is close to Burton's times now. Wasn't he almost there in '68?

It seems that the1972 Olympics is about like an elite 35 or 40-year Masters Swimming Age Group record.

I wonder about the girls?

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