Monday, August 06, 2007

Gizmo out of Australia: Swim harder recover faster!

I saw this portable 'bathtub thingy' at Gizmag. [Since they won't let me use their picture, I have deleted their link] It is called the iCool Plunge. Without using ice this 'bathtub thingy' cools the water down to a specified temperature allowing the anti-inflammatory effects of the cold to reduce swelling, fatigue and exhaustion as well as internal muscle bleeding, pain and all the other scary stuff that happens when you push the limit and you want to fool your body into thinking it never happened.

The endorsement page seems very credible! It was used in the Athens Olympics and now it can be yours. Here is a Gizmag piece on it: [Link]

Here is the company website: [Link]

*Reminder: I get so compensation for writing about this product

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