Friday, August 31, 2007

New record in the 800scm freestyle

I got a Swimming World News alert that a new world record was set in the 800 SCM relay. here is a snippet from it :

"...THE Australian foursome of Grant Hackett, Kirk Palmer, Grant Brits and Kenrick Monk took down the short course meter 800 freestyle world record at the Telstra Australian Short Course Championships held in Melbourne on August 31

The quartet clocked a time off 6:52.66 that destroyed the previous record of 6:56.41 set by compatriots Ian Thorpe, Michael Klim, William Kirby and Hackett in 2001. ..."

From Hansen Media in Australia, here is a link with more results of the Telstra Australian Short Course Swimming Championships at the Melbourne Sports And Aquatic Centre. [Link]

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Hackett is still swimming. I remember when his accomplishments were being overshadowed by Thorpe but perhaps it was a good thing, he still has that hunger. And still seems down to earth.

Nice to see AUS still has its depth too.