Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rep Maxine Waters wants a US boycott of the Olympics

Democrat Representative, Maxine Waters, of California introduced a resolution just before the August recess to boycott the Olympics over China's involvement in Dafur. She summarily did so at the last second and couldn't be reached for comment. Her resolution would be non-binding, or according to Politico.com's The Crypt: "... Just asking the president to "take immediate action to boycott the Summer Olympic Games of 2008 in Beijing, China." It was referred to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. ..." [Where hopefully it dies a humiliatingly painful shredding.]

Her reasons are the same as the French left position, China's involvement with Dafur, and their defense dealings and oil contracts with them. She did not answer calls to defend it.

If you look up the word 'ineffectual" in the dictionary, you see that the derivation of the word comes from the phrase, "Olympic Boycott." It's right next to the word "Jimmy Carter" and "Francois Bayrou," the French candidate that put that idea out into the void in the first place.

Maxine Waters is a politician out here in Southern California whose district is located on the map right here: [Link]

If she is in your district, send her a note. The link regarding her boycott nonsense can be read here: [Link]

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