Friday, August 03, 2007

Some fast swims in Paris right now.

Therese Alshammar of Sweden nearly set another world record in the 50 fly in a time 25.60. Look at her set the world record in the 50fly above. Her technique is so sublime that her shoulders and gluteus maximus are practically dry throughout the race. Her bones must be made of cork or something.

Britta Steffen won the 100m free with a 53:80. I can't wait to see Couglin, Lenton and Steffen together in the 100 free. I predict Steffen.

" ...Ukraine's Yuliya Pidlisna held off the United States' Amanda Beard, 2:28.65 to 2:28.68, for the bronze. ..." Amanda Beard is swimming faster now as compared to her 2:34.03 set a couple months ago. It's comparable to Recca Soni's prelim time of 2:28.37 set a a couple of days ago but she has some work to do. I wouldn't say her time is anemic but they certainly will not be a top three time at US Nationals either.

Lane 9 News for the full wrap-up [Link]


Scott said...

Maybe I should be using Amanda's comeback as an example too. It's difficult when there's so many to choose from. Very sorry to see you've been flamed for even linking to my blog. Unfortunately it seems today's concept of free speech is restricted to comments which conform to accepted norms.

Tony Austin said...

Yeah, I am in the dog house but I won't delete the link. I linked to you because your opinion was aggressive and demanded scrutiny.

Amanda Beard dropped 6 seconds from a prelim time to a finals time in just a few months. Of course it was the 200 breast but it shows special people can make extraordinary improvements.

Jason said...

Just heard from our guy in Paris. I posted his notes on our recap for Saturday's events in Paris.

Lezak had some crazy DQ situation come up.

Scott said...

I have to admit I don't exactly have a laid back personality (smile), but if you take another look at Amanda you'll see nothing there which lends support to Torres. Beard is still over six seconds off her best time in the 200 after a year training full-time at the age of 24. And unlike Torres she never left the pool completely, only that her modeling and appearance commitments prevented her from putting in consistent training for the two years she was away from international competition. I especially appreciate a comment in an interview on how tired she was (something I'm more than familiar with) after having been 'away' for so long. I don't know how to link comments but here's the address for the interview

Tony Austin said...

If I find any more bee hives for you to clobber I will let you know! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't think Amanda Beard has been nearly as dedicated to her training as she would like some to believe.

She's got a side gig hosting parties for Red Bull and Playboy.

Since the ESPY's last month she's hosted 4-5 parties at nightclubs for Red Bull and Playboy from LA to Miami to the Bahamas.

And that's not even counting the movie premieres and other celebrity parties she has been photographed attending recently.

Tony Austin said...

Red Bull and Playboy! One might say, energy drink and a gentleman's magazine. I might say, a barely legal stimulant and a soft-porn magazine and this iss where Swimming brought her.

You know what, she has become the Paris Hilton of swimming.

Scott said...

I have no problem slamming someone as long as I feel there's strong support for my position, but just because Beard travels around and attends some parties doesn't mean she doesn't train hard. She's been quoted as training six hours a day, which leaves eighteen hours to do other things. Everyone has to earn a living and I dare say her attendance at parties pays better than slinging fries at the local fast food establishment.

Scott said...

I have no problem 'slamming' someone if I feel there's sufficient support to justify my position, but I don't think questioning Beard's work ethic because she travels a bit and hosts some parties makes much sense. She's been quoted as saying she trains six hours a day, which leaves eighteen hours to live her own life. Everyone has to earn a living and I'm sure her promotional engagements pay far more than slinging fries at the local fast food outlet. More fun too!

Anonymous said...

No there is nothing wrong with enjoying a social life - especially if you are getting paid to do it.

But I think it would be unfair to hold up Amanda Beard's times as an example as what one should reasonably expect from a clean training program.

Honestly, with her social calendar, I think it's an achievement that she wasn't dead last in every heat in Paris.

But if you plan on using Amanda Beard's times as a benchmark for what is clean then I think you should also be questioning half the swimmers at Indy, not just Dara Torres.

Tony Austin said...

Though I am very critical of Amanda Beard, her times have dropped considerably and it is very impressive.