Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two local girls from USC storm it in Chiba, Japan

Chiba, Japan, the sci-fi setting for William Gibson's seminal novel, Neuromancer. It was a novel where the word, Cyberspace, was coined.

Today, Tara Kirk and Rebecca Soni, two local girls from USC California; (Soni attends USC while Kirk attends Stanford), stormed it in 100m Breast racing against Leisel Jones of Australia. Though they finished 2nd and 3rd place, it was a very close race.

From About.com: "... Soni, who swept the breaststroke events at the 2007 Conoco Phillips USA Swimming Nationals, hammered home in a time of 1:06.94 to finish just behind Australia’s world-record holder Leisel Jones in second place. Kirk took home the bronze in 1:07.31. ..." [Link]

I think if I swam an all out 100m free, I could a high 1:08. I guess I have some work to do!

This wonderful photo is part of jdlasica's photostream at Flickr.com


ogged said...

Kirk is a Stanford swimmer.

I love the links to the Flickr pictures; do you think you could link to the photo in the set of which it's a part? When someone has a lot of photos, someone it's hard to track down the one you've linked to.

Tony Austin said...

Thanks for the correction. Regarding Flickr, moving forward I will link to both the photoset and the individual picture. That is a very good idea.