Tuesday, September 18, 2007

50 distinct components of a powerful start!

I have an exceptional reaction time but it stops there. My starts are sadly anemic and I need some practice. So, I went trolling for a web page that could make my starts at the Olympic level in just three easy steps. Though I didn't find that, I did find this and I am very interested: [Link]

Here are just a few that interest me:

Power Secret 1: One of the secrets to a powerful racing start is to have a straight back, head already up and in-line with the spine, with the eyes looking up at the goal: the backstroke flags.

Power Secret 7: The power of the start comes from gravity. Gravity and a proper launch will generate velocity in the start of as much as four to six meters per second, two-to-four times faster than the velocity while in the water. So why would you be in such a hurry to get into the water?

Power Secret 7:: It's a good idea to practice at least three times immediately before each start, getting into the starting stance and bringing the arms up to the streamline position while leaping up. It may also psyche-out the competitor next to you, seeing that you are taking your start so seriously. But the real reason is the advantage of getting your muscles stretched and ready to perform by programming the muscle memory response that you expect.

The photo above was taken from legothenego's photostream at Flickr.com. Here is a direct link to the photo: [Link]

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